10 Awkward Snapchat Moments Which Will Surely Make Your Day

  • 6:58 pm August 3, 2018
  • delcy

Social media is one platform where we not only showcase our talents but also our favourite or weirdest moments. And one of the most popular app, Snapchat which is not only addictive but also one of the most favourite app. In the name of globalisation this app made it possible for people to connect with others in more easier way. Though being the most addictive one, people tend to snap stories or each moment which are weird or most happiest one. Here you can see the most awkward selfies or you can say snapchat moments which are quite unpredictable and will surely make you roll out of laughter.

When you want to multitask

When mom tells you to bathe your dog and also take him for a walk. Because in either way, you prefer to do multitasking. Well he deserves an applause!!!

Heaven on earth!

Might be thinking about why heaven on earth, well eating an ice cream is surely heaven but the next step might be relatable.

Its hot inside the car

Summer season be like, well best way to soak yourself inside the car is throw some cola and have a nice iceberg behind your back.

Oh! lemme take a selfie

This boy was having a lone time and suddenly some one photo bomb its selfie. But it was none other than a police man. This officer surely knows how to get involved.

Waiting for your order be like

You already waited hours and your number was about to get announced, but it seems like that you have a long distance relationship between your order food and you. The never ending wait!

Expectation VS Reality

Expectation are the best one which makes you to buy it anyhow, but somehow reality strikes and your world goes upside down. This one bought an iPhone from the street of China. Trust issues!

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Tarzan with lack of trust

Girls like to swing, but the trust level is high when it comes to her father. But this awesome landing surely broke her trust.

Babe!just one last game.

When you want to choose between something more important,but you rather prefer to choose your favourite game first. Surely dedication level is high.

You better not match with your background

Girls definitely doesn't like who match their outfit, but here she can't help it, rather deal with it. Two can play the game.

Bathroom selfie

Bathroom selfie was one the most popular among the Internet, and this guy surely know how to nail the bathroom selfie without makeup.so these are the awkward snapchat moments which are truly amazing.