10 Babies Who Resemble Famous Celebrities

  • 4:45 pm July 19, 2018
  • Hazel

People say that you there are people who look exactly like you. Not that they are twins, maybe they have a slight resemblance of you. And if you are a famous person you might have seen news about people copying you and your look alike. There is also plastic surgery to get to the exact look you want for people who opt to get the favorite celebrity look. But have you ever noticed how some babies look like some famous celebrities? The resemblance is uncanny and you will be surprised to know that they are not actually those celebrities children but they should have been…

The Prince George Baby

This baby's swag is out of this world. He really thinks that he is the little prince. I wonder what they both might look like when they grow up. He can easily disguise as the prince and enter the castle one day. Maybe the prince has a twin, they disowned him.

Of course that is Walmart

The Vin Diesel Baby

The Vin Diesel Baby looks so perfectly like Vin, that it almost looks like they are related. Maybe Vin has a baby he didn't tell us about. I wonder if he ever had hair on his head, or was he bald from his childhood?

The Wallace Shawn Baby

They look so much alike. That baby looks old! Wallace Shawn might have a child he kept hidden from the world, I wonder if Wallace looked the same when he was a child. Look at that smile, so infectious!

The Ed Sheeran Baby

This Ed Sheeran baby looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran himself. Maybe he is related to him. Wish the baby grows up to be more attractive and better singer than Ed. If he chooses to become a singer, of course!

The John Legend Baby

The John Legend baby is so cute. The resemblance is uncanny. Actually, the John Legend looks more like the baby. he has a baby face. Looks more like the baby! Does he know that he has an illegitimate child?

The Gandalf Baby

Does he have the same powers as Gandalf? My concern is why does the baby look so old? But the likeness is so perfectly awesome. If only we could see the baby with the hair all over his face.

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The Gordon Ramsay Baby

This is epic. Baby Ramsay looks so much like Gordon. That is not Gordon's child and the baby is not born with culinary skills. Imagine this baby talking like Gordon Ramsay. He would be kicked out of the school!

The Mrs. Doubtfire Baby

Help is on the way!!! Doubtfire looks so much like the baby. This is exactly if Mrs. Doubtfire had a baby. It would be much amazing if this character would be added to the movie. Or just make a new version of it!

The Kevin From The Office Baby

Hopefully, this baby won’t grow up to have feet as stinky as Kevin. Orelse you can say that the hairstyle though because they this baby is definitely the exact image of the Kevin from the office baby.

The Danny Devito Baby

Have you ever seen a baby with a hairline like this? well it seems like the baby has an exact twin and even the hairline says it all. Though can't ignore the smile but babies are one of the funniest and cutest looking babies. And they are extremely adorable.

Well they surely resemble these famous celebrities.