10 Best Reactions From Celebrity To Avoid Paparazzi

  • 11:22 am July 13, 2018
  • delcy

We are often starstruck when we spot any celebs and like many of us, all prefer click some pictures with them. But not many know that celebs do have private life because no one realize how hard it is sometimes to be famous and try to live a normal life. And when they do have normal, paparazzi's make sure that their private life should reach to everyone. Some of the celebs have a hard time to deal with paparazzi. But when it comes to some celebs they prefer to tackle them in a most funniest way. So have a look at these top 10 best reactions from celebrity to avoid paparazzi.

Ryan Gosling

Celebs do have fame and wealth but when it comes to tackle media, either they prefer to avoid them or end up having fight with them. But some celebs prefer to tackle them with their funny antics.

Ryan Gosling is one actor where all girls drool over him, and have a private life, he prefer to entertain the paparazzi with his funny antics.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is one of the finest actor and to tackle the media is one of the toughest job, but he prefer to give them to taste their own coffee by clicking their pictures. Well it is best way to avoid them.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

Looks like some one knows how to get attention and the best way to handle media, Jim Carrey knows the best , well he took all the limelight from his girlfriend.

Dustin Hoffman

Seems like someone has the best way to hide from the media, and looks like no one will ever know that he is hiding behind it. Surely the funny way to tackle the paparazzi.

Shia Labeouf

Shia labeouf knows how to avoid any sort attention and the best way is to hide behind it. Even though he tried his best hide behind, our media never gave a chance to miss it. Because even paparazzi knows when celebs having private life.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Well he is our Dr.Strange and one of the best actor, And looks like he knows to tackle media , well what the best way to handle any situation is to avoid them.

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

They are the sweethearts of Hollywood and looks like they prefer to give them the best reply to have their share of fun, And even the media didn't care .

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Looks like celebs knows on how to make other's day,and they don't even care about the paparazzi. Even though they hide from anything media has that power to make their worse.

Simon Cowell

Even Simon Cowell knows how to handle any tough situation and That banana phone is like cherry on top because the best way to avoid any sort of situation to handle in a funny way and he surely knows it all.

Grant Gustin

Oh! paparazzi is here, well lets just make their day. And looks like he doesn't even care about the media founding out. Seems like he is having fun and knows how to charm anyway. So here are the 10 best reactions from celebrity to avoid paparazzi.