10 Bizarre Things That Are Considered Sexy In Different Countries

  • 11:03 am May 16, 2018
  • mariam

It depends On the country and their traditions of a person lives in. They constitutes their true beauty which is too weird from others but they find sexy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Pale skin, crooked teeth, big lips are the attraction and sexy for some countries. There are many strange things from which we get insecure but they appreciate proudly. We have found the weird things that are perceived as sexy in different countries and are a sign of attractiveness.


We are not saying that being fit is not attractive! In Mauritania, Northwest Africa, women in this country are noticed by men and they need to be overweight. We might get insecure about bulgy tummy but guys do not really notice that.

The young girls in this country are forced to feed up to 16000 calories. Girls parents send them to special "farms" where they can eat the proper amount of food. Unfortunately, because of this tradition, many girls go through stomach illnesses.

Crooked Teeth In Japan

It is said that a smile should be perfectly straight in the line of teeth. But in Japan, perfect teeth are crooked. It does look cute though! Dentists are in high demand for those who want this look. The attractiveness is called 'Yaeba' in that country. This is in demand among young men and women.


People in African countries like Guinea, They decorate their bodies and faces with artistic scars. It is a trend there. Recently, We have tattoos to decorate our skin.

But a single scar on a face we find it ugly but it is sexy in this country. These scars are used to mark milestones for men and women such as puberty and marriage.

High Foreheads

We cut fringes from ahead to cover our high forehead to look attractive. But women in the Fula tribe in Africa they cut hair from ahead to keep high forehead as it is a trend there. You will not find a lady with big forehead attractive but in this country, it is found sexy on ladies in Fula.

In medieval times, ladies, in order to look more attractive, were removing the half front part of their hair to have a high forehead.

Pale Skin

In many parts of Asia, pale skin is considered to be the gold standard of beauty. In some countries, Many people in summer wear masks to protect their pale skin.

They are attracted to vampires! Many Chinese people don't visit the beach without a mask, to protect their skin from the effects of the sun. They are attracted to vampires!

Long Neck

In one of the regions of eastern Burma, women wear brass rings around their necks.

The longer a person’s neck, the sexier they look This region is known as the “the country of giraffe women.”

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A heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is considered sexy in South Korea. Many Koreans go under complex operation which involves breaking bones in the jaw into three-piece removing the mid part to create pointed chin.


Monobrow is too weird to see on a girl's face. But the monobrow is considered a sign of beauty in some areas of Tajikistan. It is also said that people with monobrow are very lucky in their life.

Stretched Lips And Red Skin

In Ethiopia in tribe girls stretch their lips with large disks. The larger the disk, the better her social status becomes.

The Himba of northwest Namibia covers their body in red ochre which protects their body from the sun.

Surgical Nose

This procedure is done in Iran to get dressing put on their nose. To fix deformed part of their nose some people get rhinoplasty. Women here are ready to pay anything for the sake of a straight nose which is considered the beauty of this country.

For the straight nose, to go under surgery is very stupid, It is really weird for us.