10 Bright Ideas That Can Save Your Life From Critical Situation

  • 3:02 pm September 5, 2018
  • Helma

There are many cases were many people always find themselves in a very tricky situation or some critical situation and at that time we think we had learned some kung fu or learn something that can save the day but here are some ideas that can actually save the day or save your life.

If Somebody Tries To Snatch Your Bag

Chain snatcher or bag snatcher they are very famous when you travel in unknown city or country so to be safe or if you have encounter a thief then just drop your belongings on the road that where he will run snatching your bags but at least you are safe with some of your belongings. But do remember to keep your phone with you so that you can call the police.

If You Are Stuck With Predator

If you are all alone in an elevator you feel safe to go home alone but if you are not alone and if you have witnessed a predator than just touch all the buttons of every floor to safeguard yourself.

When Storm Is Coming

We never know when the natural calamities are going to take place so at that situation, if you are drinking tea so make you sure you spot the difference in your cup like in normal weather the cup looks more silent but when the storm is coming to the bubbles appear.

If You Got Flat Tires

If you are stuck in somewhere with flat tires so just look around for some grass that can help you at that difficult situation just by placing grass on the tire for a little while until you spot garage.

Put Out Fire With Baking Soda

We always have some small fires in the kitchen area or somewhere but to put that fire out don't use water to extinguish them but just use baking soda which can help to stop the fire.

When You Feel Panic Do This

We always feel panic in every difficult situation so at that time you should not panic but do this like touch an object or observe something to distract yourself and secondly breathe slowly and steadily and next say everything you are feeling inside.