10 Brilliantly Timed Photos That Became Epic Unintentionally

  • 5:34 pm August 17, 2018
  • Helma

Have You Ever Captured A Perfect Photo And Realised That It Was An Perfectly Captured One Without Even Knowing? Well, We Live In A World Were Everytime Their Is An Use Of Smartphones And Digital Camera And It Gives Us The Opportunity To Become A photographer. Here Are Some People Whose One Picture Became Epic Without Even Their Notice.

This Giant Woman Or Is He Jumping

It looks like a giant woman with a small man but in opposite the woman is shown sitting near a camera while the man is shown standing far and jumping into her hair only to make a perfectly timed photo.

Really Confusing

It looks like a man has dog's face but the actual image is that the man is hiding his head while the dog is just covering his head with its head.


This building looks like a melting one but it was just its opposite mirror that made the building look like an illusion one.

Perfect Shot

Well it takes almost two-three shots to make a perfect shot and sometimes the picture itself captures an epic one without even knowing

Wow He Look So Identical

God's are real and this guy proved it right with his same feature and same eyes and we are just wondering is he getting the same attention from his neighbors.

What A Coincidence

This is how coincidence works were this woman wears the exact same outfit which matches the sea and we call it a perfectly timed photo.

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Look Twice

Hats off to their creativity were it is shown the girl is riding a cycle on a wall while a guy is asking for help but the whole scene is shown they have done it on a road.

Something Is Missing

Well, the half portion of dog is behind him whereas the log made it look like that dog's half part was missing.

Is It Just A Small Man Or The Bird Is Just That Big

It's not a small man or any big bird but just a perfectly timed photo which was taken without even knowing that it would turn out to be an epic shot.

It's Not An Eye

If you look twice then you will notice that it is not an eye of anyone but it is a sink which looks it is staring back at you.