10 Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup

  • 6:11 pm July 23, 2018
  • Hazel

Celebrities have to live up to their fans expectations are under constant pressure to look good and presentable. But no human can always be in heavy makeup and gaudily dressed every time. We used to look at them with the makeup so much that we think that they might look ugly without the makeup but it is not always like that and they are normal humans like us. Even they need their skin to breathe. They are not celebrities only because of their makeup looks but because they actually do look good and their gorgeousness has won hearts all over the world. The celebrities that are listed below are just some of them who look so much better without the makeup that you will be amused. They are more celebrities whose without makeup looks will surely give you complex…

Salma Hayek

Salma defies all the aging norms and looks so youthful! Her sharp facial features have won many hearts but most people think that she only looks stunning without the makeup but in reality, she looks much better without it and this picture is proof that she is no less than a goddess!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Love her or not, she is a woman who can carry any look and look stunningly beautiful! Not everyone has the 'star thing' and Gwyneth has surely made a great job at that one.

The star kid, has many fans but has also many critics, but she knows how to deal with it!

Zoe Saldana

Zoe is such a talented actress. And she looks awesome with or without makeup and that has everyone in awe with the beauty!

With the skin so flawless, why hide it behind the makeup?

Show it off girl!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron has surely aged but she has not lost her beauty in the process. She still has the gorgeousness with her and the talent that still amuses people and her fans just love her without makeup looks.

She surely looks beautiful without it but the look without the glam is also quite alluring!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an awesome actress and her beauty is impeccable. Although she isn't given much of the oportunity to prove her talent or better roles, she still has won many hearts over the years.

We do love her skin and the without makeup look have swoon us off our feet.

Kayley Cuoco

The Big Bang fame has already a big fan following as the gorgeous actress has a really awesome role that has made the viewers love her so much!

Although she has been shooting all the time with so much makeup on her face all the time, she surely takes out time to be without it!

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Drew Barrymore

She looks so much different without makeup, but it's not that she looks ugly without it. This might just help her when she wants to go out without the paparazzi following her everywhere.

She looks so much youthful without makeup!

Sofia Vergara

This picture of Sofia is almost unrecognizable. All the makeup that made so much difference but the without makeup look has us all wonder of why she ever wore makeup every time.

This picture is so effortless, she looks much more youthful and fresh!


The awesome singer has very stunning looks too. And makeup doesn't define her personality and her without makeup look is quite alluring.

I bet you wouldn't recognize her without the makeup until she hits the highest notes while singing.

Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot is one stunning personality and she doesn't fear to go without makeup look anytime over the makeup on looks.

No one could've been a better Wonder Woman!