10 Clothes Design Which Are Too Strange For Us To Handle

  • 2:22 pm June 19, 2018
  • mariam

Fashion is a semantic because of it’s changing nature in trends over the time. It just really doesn’t matter how expensive or how reasonable is the garment’s price is but it’s appearance is what you are judged by. No doubt, you love your own fashion, well, why not? that is the reason you follow it! And we love the people who just ruin fashion because it makes us feel better about ourselves and it is entertaining to watch them being the typical weirdos they are…

She took the phrase, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” too far!

People often wear their footwear on the foot and not on the head. As fashion is changing in clothing even footwear trend is changing day by day. On-Ramp it shows all different types of collection and trend. But when we wear in a normally it looks weird.

Mattress look

This is worst invention of fashion. Our first love is always bed bu this designer took it too far and we are still wondering what was going inside that stupid head of the designer. This is ridiculous!

Walmart fashion fail!

This is such a weird set of shoes to wear with that attire! What did she wear such uncomfortable weirdness for? Reaching up to the shelf?

What the hell is this metal camisole?

This is absurd! Why the hell is there is metal top? Is she going for a war or something? This is the weirdest thing I have seen all day!

What Is The Secret!

Creativity but bride looks misery as she did not want to waste money on her wedding dress so she thot to make a dress of a toilet paper and use that after that in her bathroom. Fashion failed miserably.

Dust Cleaner

This gorgeous lady gave her best appearance but her neon color outfit was poking into everyone's eyes and it is looking like she is inspired by her dust cleaner.

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Fleshy Jeans

Thongs Jeans are in trend nowadays. First, only boys used to wear torn jeans but now even girls started wearing it. But in 2018 fashion trend for hiding skin from unwaxed skin these creepy stickers are used.

Those are scary!

That is a vampire version of the rolling stones album cover. with those fangs and all, but wait! Is that a hand coming out from that mouth? It just gets more and scarier the more you look at the picture.

Multi-armed God

Fashion is all about the different season's trend and also wedding trend. But this is a height a model is used for showcasing the multi-color gloves. This man is looking like a multi-armed god and presenting the gloves designs