10 Comics That Showed Us The Funny Life story Of An Artist

  • 4:51 pm September 10, 2018
  • Helma

Well we live in 21st century were our memories are captured into a camera or we make a video and some even make their life story into book or biography and even movies but here is an artist who just made his life story in funny way by showing us his day to day life story of his wife, daughter and his dog into a comics.

Well There Is Tough Competition

When she asks you who is the most cutest the dog or her but you prefer dog because you love dog the most.

When Your Dog Loves You

You might have made a bed for him but the most comfortable place is in your lap.

The Unconditional Love

Well your wife may not like it that smelling bad but your dog will always love you no matter how bad you smell.

Messing Up

They surely know how to mess up the tidy place by messing up clothes and the house.

Food Lover

Men are food lovers so when they have been given any food they consume like their life depends on it.

Checking Out

When you travel abroad and you shop like its the end the of the world and most girls will admire a woman who has high fashion sense but when she is in her own place she will despise it.

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Beginning Vs After A Year

In the beginning, everything feels beautiful but at the end of the year you feel why you thought of getting into a relationship.


The thing about women is that she will tell you something and expect something and if she doesn't get it she will cause drama.


When She assures you that she didn't go to any shopping mall instead she went through her internet to shop online


When she needs you the most for lulling the baby to sleep and you tell her that you will help her instead you just pass out.