10 Costly Daily Items That You Would Never Care To Buy

  • 5:05 pm July 14, 2018
  • Hazel

We use so many things in our daily lives and we are sure that these things are inexpensive because they are not worth a fortune. They are just little things that are quite handy. One would never think to spend more money on these things as they are not worth it. But these people have made it quite expensive and there is not only supply but it is also sold. Obviously to the rich people who spend money like dirt. So, we people, who don’t like to spend so much on stupid stuff consider this a waste of invention as well as the consumption. These 10 expensive things are just not worth to buy or else you will definitely be considered insane!

Toilet Paper

You might be wondering if this is some big joke played on the rich people. Who the hell buys expensive toilet paper? Yes, it is true that there exists the most expensive toilet paper. It is made using the finest wood fiber pulp from Canada and water from Japan's cleanest river. So much for hygiene! And it costs approximately $14.60.


When you get to know the price of the most expensive coffee, you will feel that Starbucks is inexpensive. This expensive coffee is made from part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Now you might be wondering what is this animal, well it is a cat!

Civet coffee is consumed in Europe and Gulf nations where it is sold for exclusively.

Civet coffee is exclusively consumed in Europe and Gulf nations where it is sold for $291.98 to 364.98 per kilogram.


Expensive Coffee for the coffee lovers, so the tea lovers have to have an expensive tea and so for all, you tea lovers here's presenting you an expensive tea...

Da Hong Pao is the world’s most expensive tea and would cost you around $1313.91 for 1 gram. The reason behind the high price is for the aging which takes 80 years.

That is actually equivalent to 30 times its weight in gold!

Mobile Phone

it might sound sane to buy an expensive phone but imagine that it looks like an antique and still is a smartphone. But it doesn't look like one.

Vertu Signature Cobra, is the world’s most expensive smartphone and costs around $.3 million.


Now comes the most expensive pizza that costs up to, $2550.12, in the USA’s Industry Kitchen.

This exotic pizza comprises of ingredients, black squid ink dough, white Stilton cheese from the UK, foie gras and truffles from France, Osetra caviar from the Caspian Sea, Almas caviar and 24K gold leaves.

Now, the question is, if the pizza is actually delicious.


Everyone knows that saffron is very expensive there are different types of saffron and this one expensive type costs up to 4729.71 per 0.45 kilogram. It takes roughly 50,000- 75,000 flowers to harvest one kilogram of saffron and the finest quality come from Kashmir, India.

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Water Bottle

It will literally give you a headache thinking of a bottle which is more pricier than cars. This water bottle costs up to, $94k

Beverly Hills 9OH2O water bottle is the most expensive in the world and comes with a diamond-encrusted cap.

That's just stupid!


If you aren't over these ridiculously expensive things then you should be ready for another ridiculous expensive thing. That is a toothbrush! Yes, you heard right! It is called the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush has an anti-bacterial coating on it and costs a whopping price of $36K. It’s bristle head can be detached and replaced.


If you are a millionaire and fancy weird things like mentioned above then you should definitely use this luxury soap for the shower!

It is the Qatar soap costs $2.6K and is manufactured by a Lebanon based business group.

Ear buds

If you want a high-quality music experience with good looking earbuds.

But who wants to wear these instead of earrings and a single pair of Casa Gi earbuds was sold for $ 49K.