10 Craziest Japanese Inventions We Never Knew Existed

  • 4:00 pm July 18, 2018
  • vignesh

We are pretty aware that there is a lot of weird stuff which comes from the land of the rising sun. Japan has always been popular for being technologically advanced and one step ahead the rest of the world, but at times surely they went bit too far with fantasy. While we surely admire some of the craziest Japanese inventions of all times. Some of them are absolutely clever but terribly uncomfortable or bad looking while some other are just totally weird. Between awkward ear enhancers, weird total body umbrellas and ridiculous chin rests for the daily metro journey, we surely found the right things for your needs.

Umbrella Tie

This is quite a great invention for young executives and employees exemplary in the rainy season.

Rather than worry about whether it will rain or not, and whether to carry an umbrella, why not your umbrella become one tie?

Mobile Toilet Paper

Toilet papers are something which can be counted as a bare essential in day to day life but to see something like this which looks completely absurd is totally out of the blue for many but we have to hand it over to the people of Japan for coming up with such stuff.

Remote control mop

This is something which definitely will make life easier for all of us, we mean just make use of two of your fingers to roll and scroll and then you will have your entire floor cleaned, mopped and now dust free.

Book shaped pillow

Japanese people are very concerned about their scholars and highly qualified grads we say this because we see that they have even designed book shaped pillows which means once you have done studying you can very well rest.

Mask used for wearing Lipstick

We have seen many a women using lipstick and being very particular about it.

This invention was designed especially for this elegant woman who always wanted to spend lipstick on the roller coaster without blotching!

Donut Camera

We have seen different kinds of camera much advanced much ahead of the times we live in but this is something pretty pretty novel, camera in the form of food, here we have donut.

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Multi nail cutter

Multi utility cutter is used for trimming fingernails as well as toenails at the same time this is surely one of its kind isn't it, we are pretty impressed.

Ear enhancers

This was made with what looks like bowls to enhance the range and accuracy of hearing. To many, it this actually worked and didn’t seem like much at all. But to us, it just looks like two bowls stuck to the side of a person's head!

Wash clothes while walking

How wonderful it is that we can wash our clothes while walking this would save us a lot of time while returning back from office, you could very well avoid stress.

Dry your clothes on the move

How cool it is if we get to dry all our clothes while travelling this would surely save us a hell lot of time wont it, we appreciate this idea for sure.