10 Craziest School Rules Of South Korea

  • 3:29 pm August 18, 2018
  • Hazel

Most schools have the standard guidelines, for example, being dressed, appearing on time, and being peaceful in the classroom. Regular school days are generally Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day. School break is amid the late spring and we as a whole get a couple of months off to appreciate the sun and take a pleasant vacation. In any case, things are not similar with regards to different nations, and we discovered some abnormal principles in South Korea which may make you glad you don't live there.

No Shoes

You most likely think about the Asian custom of removing your shoes before entering a home.

All things considered, the shoe manners goes past the house and into the classroom with regards to students in South Korea.

Strange Bathroom Rules

Like the various schools, to go to the latrine, you simply need to request a go to leave the classroom. Also, in numerous nations, the school supplies all the stuff like paper towels or bathroom tissue.

But South Korea is different and they made a rule that before going to the toilet, they should carry toilet paper with them.

School Uniform

The dominant part of secondary students in South Korea needs to wear a uniform called a 'gyobok'. From the beginning of middle school and up the uniform is entirely checked and students must wear one. The uniform for the most part comprises of a shirt, coat, and tie, with skirts for young ladies and long pants for young men.

Notwithstanding garbs being standard, students additionally have measures for which they should wear their hair.

Take Out The Trash

In most public schools, the school is cleaned by the peons but in South Korea, there is a school rule that the students have to do this and they are they have to not only worry about their studies but also the cleaning of the school.

Extra Lessons

South Korea has some really weird rules but that is why they have set some very high standards when it comes to international tests. They work really hard towards achieving the best.

Students are required to study 12+-hour Saturdays and other long days of study. Students attend classes from 7:30 AM, and then it’s lunchtime at 1:00 PM. At 5:00 PM school ends and self-study or special classes begin. At 7:00 pm there is dinner at school for one hour and at 8:00 PM self-study continues.

Sleeping in class

Sleeping is really not permitted in any schools in the world but in South Korea has really Bizarre rules when it comes to schools and learning and they it’s actually allowed to sleep during classes in South Korea. A survey was conducted that found one-third of students in South Korea sleep during class. In fact, it’s a normal thing to see 10-30 students napping in the class

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No Homecoming Events

As we all know that in other countries like the U.S. High Schools, there is a dance at the end of the high school year called a prom dance or as it’s sometimes called, ‘homecoming’ where students groom up and they get a date and head to what many say is one of the most important and memorable time of the end of your high school year.


All the schools all over the world have different punishment systems to maintain discipline.

A lot of different things can happen such as ending up in detention or worse, having to stay after school and write 1000 times.

Limited vacation

Mostly in the schools around the world they have summer holiday and some of those include the fact that it’s way too hot to sit in a classroom and do schoolwork, but South Korea has different rules and they restrict vacations.

Follow the rules strictly

They have set some bizarre rules and they live by it. They do not make crazy rules but they even follow them.