10 Embarrassing Pictures From Airport Security Check

  • 2:22 pm June 20, 2018
  • mariam

We are usually excited to go to travel on a plane and visit the other city and explore them but when you go through the security check you are very cautious about everything and this makes it more uncomfortable as the Airport security than are a skeptic of your behavior and then you face the harsh security check. It makes it a little embarrassing in public when they check you for security reasons.

Too Uncomfortable To Stand

On Airport there is so many security checking before boarding a plane. Awkwardest airport security moments which often happens during checking in.

After seeing this images you will see the lady in white is so uncomfortable when she is touched by the security on her private parts. It is a too embarrassing moment!

Checking pants...

Well, it is really very embarrassing to check the pants because then you very conscious about that area and it feels embarrassing that they suspected something else to be there.

He doesn't care!

Eww, this is so weird. The guy is standing there like he doesn’t care a damn about it and the security is checking places so weird you’d never want to think of! At least not at the airport!

Examine Or Enjoying

We get ready to for a trip but when we enter the airport we go through all these security checking up upside down back and front and it makes us feel horrible and so uncomfortable.


This is a really awkward scene where you have to prove that it is not something alien than your own body and you have to explain to them about that.

Poor old lady!

When you wear extra and are suspected of carrying something unusual. That is why it is suggested that you should wear something normal and comfortable when you are flying.

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Go away!

She is standing so stiff because she doesn't want the security to touch her. It is just weird when you have Haphephobia and you have to go through the Airport security.

She had to take out her clothes

She looks like a mannequin standing there giving a pose but actually she is a human and had to even take her clothes off to prove she is not carrying anything inside.

So Funny

It is looking like that this old lady cop is checking out this young girl for her grandson. And the young girl is enjoying it. I think she is all ok!

I think she loved her assets

Security has to be so sharp while checking, they touch each and every part of our body it makes us so embarrassed that it makes us feel not to travel in a plane.