10 Entertaining Photos Of People Who Dressed Like The Surrounding Which Stole the Limelight

  • 4:27 pm September 12, 2018
  • delcy

Have you ever been in a situation with the same game, or buying new clothes which turn out to be that your twinning with someone else? But here are the photos of people who dress exactly like their surrounding which are not quite obvious to twin with the surrounding and it seems like when you are in the same page but can't help it. They literally stole the limelight with their funny pics and gave the example of dealing with the tough situation in a funniest for girls especially.

When your legs don't work like they used to be

Walking around the streets and somewhat you prefer that you probably don't twin with someone and it turns that even the floor didn't spare to copy you.

Quite relatable!

Looks like someone is quite impressed to twin with the road cone and when you turn out to be twinning with your surrounding.

When your mom is not taking you out

Seems like his mom has grounded him and somewhat you try to sneak out and even the closer look can't make the difference between the two other bags.

what a coincidence!

Hey! look, copycat. The women are less aware of the surrounding and when it turns about your twinning with the phone cover case.

Go with the flow!

She is quite a wave though. Though beachy attire is surely twinning it with the surrounding. But the sand look is not going with her attire.

Red riding hood

Well, scary though! seems like the twinning gone wrong because she turns out to be scaring the hell out of everyone. All you can see her blonde scary head. Conjuring part 3.

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Looks like grandma is enjoying her momentum

Grandma was so overwhelmed with the thought that she was twinning with the carpet and then she gave a second thought of laying with her carpet.

Her world is upside down

You will probably do anything just to prove yourself that you are no less funny than others, and she literally did the same by laying upside down.

Quite an artistic cat

Oh! look the cat knows the fact that the wall is quite similar with her looks. And even she did the same game challenge.

Twin sisters!

And last not the least, you will do anything to make it look perfect. Well, look like she found a twin sister. And definitely, she won the same game challenge.