10 Everyday Things You Had No Idea Had A Unique Purpose

  • 11:53 am October 13, 2020
  • suhas

Everyday, while using a lot of things, you must wonder the real use of a lot of modifications in these things. Have you ever questioned such stuff? Like what is that tiny hole doing in a lock or that hook on your shirt? We have all those answers for you. Take a look!

Dip In The Bottom Of A Wine Bottle

I personally know no one who has not tasted wine! When you hold a wine bottle in your hand, there is a dip at the bottom. It’s called a “punt.” It helps to chill the bottle faster and make it resistant to high pressure. It also makes the bottle easier to hold and pour.

The Blue Side of The Eraser

As a kid they would tell us that this is an ink eraser and the blue side of the eraser is used to erase ink. But No, that isn't true! It’s used to erase pencil on heavier paper. It can also erase and smudges left by the pink eraser.

Arrow On Your Gas Gauge

That arrow on your gas gauge is so intriguing, right? So here's the thing, forget what side the gas tank is on? You don’t have to get out of the car to check. The arrow on your gas gauge points to it.

The Tiny Buttons On Your Jeans

They are actually called rivets. They were used to protect the weak points in the pants structure when pants were made from canvas. So if you think about it, they are super useful.

Grove in the Tic-Tac Dispenser

Now this is a fun one. That small groove in the top of a Tic-Tac dispenser helps you dispense just one Tic-Tac at a time. Super cool, right? try this trick the next time!

Metal Bit At The End Of Measuring Tape

That metal bit usually has a serrated edge. The edge is used to score softer surfaces, like drywall, so you can mark it without a pencil. And all this while, we were questioning the design of that serrated edge!

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Hole At The Bottom Of Your Padlock

Now this has a very important purpose as well! This hole is used to pour oil into. Pour some in if you lock become rusty. Very useful, right?

Extra Holes In Your Shoes

The ones at the top of your running shoes. They are meant to be used so you can tie your shoes in different ways. This can help compensate for things like a damaged toe or bad stride. All of that is just and just for your better convenience!

Toothpick Holder

You see those edges on the top of your toothpick? You’re supposed to break that off. Prop your toothpick up on it so it doesn’t touch anything. Yes, welcome to this new world!

Loop On The Back of Your Shirt

You’ll find a loop on the back of most dress shirts. They are used to hang your shirts from in the closet. So do not throw them here and there the next time!