10 Facts About Extravagant Dubai That You Thought Were True But Are Definitely Not!

  • 9:46 am August 29, 2018
  • suhas

Dubai is one of the most popular countries in the world right now. The kind of infrastructural booming that Dubai as seen is commendable and absolutely incomparable with any other nation. But yet, there are a lot of fancy myths about the country which aren't true. Take a look!

A Country?

No, Dubai is not a country. Understand the reality. Dubai is actually a city in the UAE, and it’s not even the capital. Out of the 7 emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the capital.

Summer In Dubai Isn't That Bad?

Dubai lovers generally like to spread this myth that yes, the temperature in Dubai is hot but it isn't that bad. The reality is that the temperature is just like any other desert area. It’s definitely hot, and the sky is often gray due to the large amount of dust in the air.

It took many years for Dubai to reach its current level?

Well, not really. If you think Dubai took a lot of years to be where it is today, you clearly don't know the power of oil! The emirates united in 1971, and that’s when Dubai started to grow as well. It's extremely young!

The police in Dubai use only luxury cars?

Yes, they do use a lot of luxury vehicles but only luxury vehicles is a little exaggeration! They regularly use not so luxury cars as well!

Cheetahs and lions are pets in Dubai?

Whoever came up with this fact is definitely less informed! It is against the law in Dubai to keep a wild animal and you can end up 6 months in jail for it. Or with a penalty from $2,700 to $138,00. So no, there's no truth whatsoever in this fact!

Dubai consists of Only skyscrapers?

Again, visit the place before believing any random thing written about it online. Look at this picture, this is your real Dubai! Dubai has 163-floor skyscrapers, but you can also find one-story houses and regular apartment buildings as well.

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Mainly Arabs and locals live in Dubai?

This is one of the biggest myths about Dubai. The reality is miles away from this! Only about 9% of the population are actually locals, and 91% of the population come from other countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The wealth of Dubai appeared thanks to oil?

A major chunk of Dubai's wealth came thanks to oil, yes! But not the entire thing! If you’ve ever heard about the Persian Gulf, you know that the jewelry coming from there is highly valued and it has been contributing in the states GDP much before the oil!

Dubai is an ecologically clean city?

Let's just keep things simple here. No, It's not!

Capital Of Billionaires?

All of us think that there are a lot of Billionaires coming from Dubai. Here's a fun fact, out of 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, only 20 of them live in Dubai.