7 Foods You Won’t Buy Once You Will Know How They Are Made

  • 10:46 pm June 8, 2018
  • mariam

Let's all agree to this fact that humans are inherently foodies. And when it comes to our favorite dishes we would all push ourselves a little and try accommodating even if we are completely full. That’s how much we love food and if you show us in a glitzy manner how they are cooked we would lap it up immediately but have you given a thought how some of these foods are made, you would think twice before consuming them.

Ice cream

Are you an ice cream lover, especially vanilla, because of this news you will definitely forget it for a while.

In 2013 the "TIME" magazine published an article and they said: "Your Vanilla Ice Cream May Actually Smell Like Beaver Butt.

They mix this cold dessert so delicious is milk, cream, sugar and sometimes egg. An ingredient that many do not share with us is called: "Castoreum", which is a compound that beavers use to mark their territory. You can find this mostly in other things like perfumes and many products with that smell.


If you like beer, then this news will spoil your mood. Beer production has been for more than 700 years and the truth is that most people love it. The ingredient of beer is little weird.

The brewing companies add a product called: "Isinglass" which comes from the skin of a fish and which make the product clearer. The "Guinness" brand eliminated it completely this year.

Jelly beans

The main ingredients of these sweets are sugar and glucose so the question is: How do they manage to make so sweets? There is a product, it's called "Shellac".

This is also found in many shiny materials, for example, the hairspray, lipsticks and the material with which cars are the cleaned. Insects that live in the forest of India and Thailand for that this ingredient are used.


The potatoes chips are everyone's favorite are probably one of the most famous item till now. They are not made of real potatoes, corn, and some artificial flavors. After that mix is taken to a fryer, and once they are crunchy they add powders of different flavors.

But this is not everything. This way of production eliminates nutrition from the original vegetable. This process also contains a chemical substance called "Acrylamide" which has been proven to be completely carcinogenic and causes other health damage.

Canned mushrooms

Many people use canned products, but after reading this article, they might change their mind. Canned mushrooms, yes natural products are used, but something more is added there.

You can be surprised but worms are not something new in canned food... You can get to find up to 20 of these small crawlers per 100 grams of mushrooms.


If you like red color candies, you will have to know about the ingredient called "Carmine" that it has. This product comes from some insects, which are crushed and as a result, this bright color is extracted.

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What do these little white foam really contain? Many people know this and the truth is that many of the industries will not tell their secrets. Years ago they were made up of the flower called "marshmallow"

But now, many other things are being added. It is well known that gelatin is used to give it that slight texture of cloud, which is made from turn boil skin and bone remains of cows and pigs left over from the meat industry.