10 Frolicsome Pictures That Will Make You Skeptic About Your Own Sanity

  • 4:13 pm May 20, 2018
  • Hazel

A picture is worth a thousand words, Indeed! Every picture captured tells a story. Though we have an amazing invention to capture moments the photographs have a wide variety of purposes to them. But sometimes click random pictures just because it is funny and we need a documentation of it. So that we can Lok back to the memory and have a good laugh. There are many pictures some are innocent, some are just outright hilarious because of stupidity and then comes the third category that is, “Insane”. Because it doesn’t really make sense of why does it actually exist and why did they click something like this at all? We’ll some pictures are just unexplainable but we’ve got them here, just for you to get a glance of the kooky pictures that exist.

It’s not a waste!

When you grab your takeaways from the fast food centers you might not have thought about reusing those cold drink glasses filled with iced chilled drinks.

You probably throw it away but instead, those lids can actually act as coasters protecting your beautiful furniture from the watermarks.

That's a weird banana

How did a long banana grow this way?

However, this can't be real.

If you look closely, the banana's have been stuck together to look like a singular long wavy banana.

The wavy path!

If they had literally built this thing this way, they shouldn't, drive a train over this. But it is caused

My Whole life is a lie.

This is exactly why I have trust issues.

This is how the stores fool you. It's not that hard it seems!

This is genius though!

The mystery

This is a huge discovery!

The Easter Island was in 1914 when the early excavations began, archaeologists came to know about the torsos. It heads do have bodies.

A Life hack!

Here's a life hack, that will save you if you are locked outside your own car.

Evey car has an automated lock but if your batteries are dead, remove this flap, there’s a manual lock system which is really helpful.

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Cupcake hack!

Don't we all love eating a cupcake, it indeed is a pleasant thing to eat but during the delicious intake, the frosting usually sticks to your nose and fingers.

Here's a cupcake hack for you, cut it from the middle and put it on top of the frosting making a sandwich.

Amazing, right?

Open it!

The takeaway packages from your favourite Chinese restaurants can get really messy when you try to eat it.

But you can open it up and it can be served as a plate and can be folded back again if some food remains and be stored in the refrigerator.

Oh my, my!

I wasn't aware that the hens can actually swim too. This is surprising!

Look at that guy who is swimming along the hens.

Aren't they just cute!

Who did this?

The pup looks so adorable sleeping wrapped inside the roll.

I wonder who did this to the pup. I hope the person doesn't eat it up!