10 Funny Fashion Fails That Could Possibly Impress You

  • 10:21 am August 22, 2018
  • delcy

Earlier fashion was all about simple clothes and basic necessities and fashion is changing like a chameleon, where people give more preference to clothes and high living. well, you cannot a find a single person who doesn't about the basic fashion as it goes on trending which never fades. Take a look at these people who really need some sort of knowledge about fashion and their funny fails which could possibly impress you.

Ramen is life

Well, looks like this person is getting a profit for promoting Ramen. Where people think the food is life and he took this statement seriously.

When you're dressed something weird for Halloween

When you want to spread awareness but seems like this committee is enjoying the costume for a Halloween party, as they turned into a weird costume. Good thought!

Her top says it all

This picture says it all and her top which turns out to be best printed one. Well rather show off who don't give a Damn. Unfortunately, she thought that she buying something unique that resembles a window cursor.

When Drinking is prohibited

Drinking is prohibited for the prom party. But looks like teenagers knows how to rock your flask as a purse. Well, thank heaven's nobody noticed, she should be given an award.

Online shopping gone wrong

When you're too short for those trousers, which turns out to be rather long making you realise that it is only for slender man.

When you love your car that you prefer to coordinate with it

He looks like a 90s pop singer who thinks it is cool to coordinate with the car. Well, dress to impress not to depress.

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Only 18+allowed

If the movie only contains 18+ and you and your friend turns into slenderman.

IT in the family

Looks he is more than happy to ruin the family photo. When turns into IT just to make your family photo more interesting. But unfortunately, this boy insisted his family have a family picture which turns out to be the best one.

Incredible cleaner machine

Have seen the upgrading of new items or prefer to recycle it. But here it is probably made into snowshoes. Surely the best creativity of shoes. Wait you can even clean the dirt road too. Great usage!

Fault in her stars

Did any of your family degrade you for being their fault? Most probably, your mom or dad who would call you as their biggest mistake. But here it turns out that even grandma's is having trouble to deal with her grandkids. And she chose this shirt for her. Spotify!