10 Funny Illustrations That Shows How Long Term Relationship Looks Like

  • 3:31 am September 15, 2018
  • Helma

An artist who was so in love with his favorite novel that he couldn't leave that character alone so he made something beautiful by making the continuous story from his favorite book. He showed life beyond the book by recreating their life into the chaotic day to day life which was immensely portrayed in a beautiful way.

This Cute Lovey Dovey

We all love when a guy do this thing with us because it and they look so cute and this kind of relationships actually works.

Cry Babies

When she is sad and your boyfriend comforts you that it was a silly thing don't get upset over anything and in opposite way when his team lose he starts to cry and then you comforts him.

When He Is Jealous

You love her but after a while you just take her for granted and in the meantime some other guy is trying to impress her

When She Wants Him To Do Chores

When he thinks that she is dreaming about but in rather ways she is dreaming that he is taking care of you by cleaning nad doing chores

Well Every Girl's Fear

You must not be afraid of something or anything but there is one thing every girl fear is losing someone they love.

When Girls Take The Charge

When she comes and hug and take the charge by seducing you and you're so confused.

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Trip Diaries

When everything is packed an then you realize that you forgot the most important thing.

Equal Rights

When she touches you and hug you, you feel love and when you try the same she thinks you pervert.

When She Is Angry

If she is angry and you try to be sweet her so just be careful because she might bite you.


When she loves you she will hug you back but when she is angry just stay away from her.