10 Funny Pictures That Were Clicked At The Right Moment

  • 12:47 am August 26, 2018
  • Helma

They don't need any professional photographer as they have the talent to click a picture at the right moment and at a right time. It's often that the camera does the trick or we say the magic but it is just that moment where we think and our mind gives us the ability to take a picture in that perfect moment which, later on, becomes the epic one whether we laugh at it or stay impressed with it a perfectly timed picture brings out the photographer inside you.

When you see it!

When single life hits you, where all couples are enjoying their love bliss but here it seems like even the tortoise is quite in a blissful mood. Jealous!

Ouch! that hurts

With all due respect, this man is sure might have landed in a hospital and his family planning might have been destroyed. When he hits the weakest point!

Take a closer look

Seems like real life prince has been come alive, taking a closer look or you can say magnifying look. And you will surely see the perfect resemblance of a man sitting beside her.

Best picture award

Well, this might be the perfect landing but seems like even God doesn't want your picture to be that perfect. The dog hit the ball!

God's plan!

When your selfie has been photobomb not by a statue but by a man. Quite a perfect shot though. Seems like Jesus has been resurrected again just to photobomb your picture.

Different shades

Oh! the girl has different shades, no wait her hair knows how to transform itself. The tree perfectly landed above her head just to give a mesmerising look.

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Well, curious to know the aftermath

Well, going through your throwback pictures it will only remind you of that funny past. Seems like even all are curious to know about the aftermath happenings.

Switch like a boss

When your cat act like a thug because he knows how to handle all that perfect shot. This cat surely made the perfect timing in switching its face.

Car spotted

When a riddle hits you, and you're stuck in finding all that clues. Well, it seems like we found it. Hurray! The car owner seems like to forget something or have been spotted.

Timely shot hair

Going through all the boring stuff across the street when creativity strikes, and here it seems like the tree perfectly gave the hair shot!