10 Hilarious Fashion Trends Of The Early 2000s That The New Generation Will Never Understand

  • 7:33 pm July 23, 2018
  • Hazel

The trend never goes out of fashion, if one trend turns out to be viral than it will never take much time to fade away. The early 2000s has given many weird fashion trends, as it might look funny now but in those days, it was quite addictive and trendy. And all were truly amazing in those days, where even the simple bindis were in fashion, also bright eye colors were also giving a much different look. But nowadays today's generation will never understand the trendy we used to follow. So take a look at these early 2000s trend which was even weird at that time but nowadays trends are taking a new place and also they are even reviving the vintage look.

This eye shadow made everyone look greasy.

Trends have always given a new ways to fashion industry. Frosted lips were also a thing, but does anyone else remember applying creme shadow from a tube with their fingers? Not a good look. It made everyone look greasy. Why was the 2000’s about frosting everything?

That is maybe cool or maybe not.

Bindi's were also a thing in early 20s, as people were quite obsessed with that look. Back in 2000, everyone was obsessed with Swarovski crystals and put them on their bodies and everything else.Well nowadays they use it for Coachella look.

Pink lip color with brown lip liner.

Well those were the days with a two colored lip liner was a thing, where everyone was obsessed with and followed the trend. First of all, such a horrible lip color and then brown lip liner applied to it? Things couldn't get worse, right? Well, that was early 2000's thing people.

Pencil thin eyelashes

Those were the days, where people used to enhance the thin eyebrows and it was quite a trend in early 20s. Nowadays, you will never see this type of trend. Because now the trend to large eyebrows is really a thing. And this one is probably giving a weird look.

Let me introduce you to the most desirable lashes.

Big eyelashes in those days was always a trend and they give us a weird look. But nowadays, these natural eyelash are quite thing. Yes, believe it or not, these used to be the most desirable eyelashes in early 2000.

The famous look from 2000.

Dangly, shiny bellybutton ring with charms was a must buy after getting your bellybutton pierced or else how would you rock the look?

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Not a good look.

In the earlier times, there used to be tanning salons that were trending those days but tanning lotions were the main thing that made everyone crazy.

Those lotions would make you look streaky and orange, just like a pumpkin.

Hot pink lip gloss was something to die for.

Quite dissimilar to the days we have now, lip gloss used to be very famous in 2000 especially that hot pink color that would go along with every dress.

The famous square shaped french manicure.

This was a fashion statement which made waves all over, Square shaped french manicure was all over the place in the early 2000’s and it looked good on approximately five people, and even that is stretching it.

Easy way to be a cool kid.

You wish to look trendy and cool at the same time, Then you should definitely zig-zag part your hair and be the cool kid.