10 Hilarious Illustrations That Depicts The Reality Of Our Society

  • 5:39 pm September 8, 2018
  • Helma

What is the reality of our society? we always think that our society is the best and our modern world is way better than anything in this world but here are some hilarious illustrations that depict that we live in a sad reality of this world where everything is expensive and money is important.

Marked For Life

Communism is what happens in a modern society where an organized group always do some violence and the innocent people have to bear that blame as they are blamed and marked for life.

Gym Lovers

Materialistic people love everything in life and they are so prone to the gym that to get a perfect body they will do anything. Well in other sense a boy loves two things in life gym and girl.

When You Love Your Phone More Than Your Family

There was a time were people used to love family and they used to spend time together but now in a modern society, people are so engrossed into their phones that they don't have time with their families.

When Everything Is In Your Pocket

The thing about rich people is that they love to keep every known person in their pocket so whenever they feel like they are in trouble they just remove that particular person from their pocket and show their identity.

Love Or Lust

The thing About love is when there is the love we always feel for our partner but when there is lust you just feel attracted towards each other.

Security Details

This is quite funny were girls are always ready for a ramp walk but when they go through some security checks this is what happens.

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Man Vs Woman

Men have this kind of attitude where they think that men are superior and they will dominate every woman they meet even if that women warned them off.

Mother's Love

No one loves you better than a mother and this picture clearly shows how a mother sacrifices everything and works so much but her children's are busy with phones.

Gender Biases

This picture clearly depicts gender biases where the women disguise herself as the man to achieve her goal but as when she try to mask off her real identity she has been shown the door.

Leap Of Faith

We are just inching apart from her dreams and our goals and it takes only a leap of faith to achieve that but we are afraid to do it and scared to not be able to achieve it or fall down.