10 Hilarious Pictures Of People Caught Being Jealous On Camera

  • 4:37 pm June 27, 2018
  • mariam

While everyone out there click pictures of themselves, selfies, belfies, etc. There are people who took this opportunity as a duty to click random stupid pictures of people being jealous on camera. This might not be intended but it obviously what they feel about the other person. We made a compilation of these people expressing their jealousy. They got caught while doing so. We should thank these photographers for getting these pictures for our entertainment. You may not notice the reaction of jealous people around you but a camera never forgets to capture such moments.

Attention Seeker

These girls are hanging out together and taking selfies but as we all know girls are jealous of other ladies. In this image, we can see the lady who is taking pictures is flaunting her assets and the second girl is jealous.

Girls Will Always Be Girls

We really don’t need to explain why the girl on the right looks jealous and uncomfortable because she isn’t as busty as her friend on the left.

Awkward Situation

There are two types of girls, one who is satisfying and other who always get jealous of other girls. This picture is so awkward where a lady is comparing herself to other women besides her.

Excuse me, What is she trying to show

Girls always create an issue wherever they go, whether it is a good situation or bad. For seeking attention girl will do anything they want. Here the girl is trying to show off something but the girl on the right is bit jealous.

Puppy took the whole attention

The poor man thought that taking a puppy along on a walk is going to get him the attention of some gorgeous ladies. But that didn’t work out as well as he thought that the girls seem to be more interested in the puppy than him.

Need No Caption

Jealousy is a disease and it feels to everyone, it is the feeling which is difficult to hide. It is a part of human nature and here the lady is captured getting upset and jealous.

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Maybe he is looking at the girl!

This is actually cute but it is at the second glance that you realize that the little boy is actually looking at the girl's ice cream and not at her.

This is how third-wheeling feels like...

When you go out with your friend on his date and the couple starts making out in public and you sit there thinking of all the decisions you made that lead you to this!

Sibling problems

This is the reality of siblings. When the elder sibling gets the privilege of everything and the younger sibling keep jealousy over the elder one because they are given the authority to choose and the younger sibling just be waiting around to get their used stuff!

Are they a couple?

This guy is interested in the girl's bosoms, it seems. Well, he is making it seem quite obvious! He should've taken his girlfriend somewhere private instead, romancing with her in the public. Look at the guy in the background, he seems quite offended!