10 Hilarious and Candid Pictures That Illustrate Our Modern Society’s Irony

  • 6:32 pm September 20, 2018
  • Hazel

There are many people who are being paid better, the life in this weird reality and yet don't realize that this needs attention and needs to be better. People suffer from calm. But that’s not the barely irony we include in this world. The improvement of technology has eliminated people the introduce somebody to an area from organism exact to their surroundings. It furthermore makes several obsessed with the tech and believes that it has the answers. People feel that ‘Androids’ expend over our lives. Yet, the earth keeps gyrating the sun like it has for eternity been. As if zero has increasingly changed, it continues to turn. Day and night, seasons through seasons jam by. And we pick up again to force into similar deeper darkness. Or perhaps we’ve for eternity been there.


Unemployment is something that has taken all over the youth and even after them being educated. There are very fewer job opportunities and this is why there are so many people who are unemployed and poor!


Childhood is something that is meant to cherish for rest of the life. It is the initial stages of your life and every experience has a lesson behind it. A heartbroken child who has not seen much perks and not being pampered by their parents. They feel lonely all the time.


Feeling happy with the most random things is something that is needed to give importance to. You don't need to be rich or poor to enjoy the rain. The weather and have fun!

What you reap so you sow

This is an exact depiction of the phrase, "What you reap so you sow". You should be careful about what you do and how you act. Because that impacts your children's minds.


People have set weird standards about how one should look, and that is the way they set how attractive they are. And when the standards aren't met, they don't accept them.


Technology has taken the whole world like a parasite and in the meantime, they have forgotten the simple things that are more important in the life. Like reading a newspaper is old school and computers are just a normal thing.

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Plants are getting over

There will be a time when all the plants will stop existing and the whole ecosystem will be imbalanced. Including all of us humans, who are to be blamed for this.

The same mentality

People of different mindsets are brainwashed to have the same mentality. This explains that the creativity is forced to stop and the regular workoholic mindset is showed into the minds.


Ignoring the fact that the world is falling apart and pretending everything is fine, this is our world of the internet. They show you fake and you buy that because it seems to be happy.


People don't realize that they do dumb stuff while they think that they are sharing awareness. They should realize soon otherwise it will be too late.