10 Historic Images We Had No Idea Actually Existed

  • 12:27 pm January 5, 2022
  • suhas

Our world has seen a lot. There is so much that has happened much before we were born. And this is exactly why historical evidences become crucial. Here are few historical images that we had no idea actually existed.

The Other Side

In this image, these people are actually witnessing the attack on the Pearl Harbor from the other side.

The Start

This exact shot marks the start of WW1. This is when it started and ended up taking countless lives.

The Aftermath

This image right here shows the aftermath of Civil War. It isn't a pleasing or a soothing image by any chance.

The First Time

In this image, this extremely innocent kid is actually witnessing television for the first time in his life. His expressions are priceless. This image was clicked in 1948.

And First Ever

And this is the first ever photo clicked. Since then, we, the humans have taken leaps in the field of photography.

First Flight Ever

Here's another first ever for you guys. First flight ever taken by humans.

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Ever saw the capture of Saddam Hussain? Well, you are in luck because here you go...


And this is that moment when statue of liberty's face was detached. Ever seen it like this?

The Announcement

In this very moment, Hitler announced war on USA. This is that moment.

The End

And to end this list, let us show you the end of the Civil War. FYI: This is the Appomattox Court House in Virginia. Today, this site is preserved and open to tourists.