10 Historical facts that Will Mess With Your Understanding of time

  • 7:48 pm November 23, 2020
  • suhas

History is arguably the most interesting thing about our world. there is so much that has happened and we are completely unaware of. All of us have a perception of a timeline in our mind and these historical facts are gonna shatter that timeline.

A Fact About George Washington

Whenever we hear of George Washington, it sounds relatively modern, right? Died In 1799. The First Dinosaur Fossil Was Discovered In 1824. Yes, he never knew Dinosaurs existed1

2 Legends

2 legends living with the name of Princess Diana and mother Teresa passed away in the same year- 1997.

Mcdonald's World War Connection

Mcdonald's serves happy meals and is generally associated with happiness. But here's a fact. Prisoners Arrived At Auschwitz for the first ever concentration camp in 1940 precisely 5 days after the first ever Mcdonald's opened!

How old is Harvard?

Did you know that in first few years, Harvard university did not offer calculus classes because Calculus wasn't invented then!

The Attack

Airplanes will go down as one of the best inventions in the human history. But the same invention was used for the biggest destruction in the form of Atomic bombing in human history. Airplanes cofounder Orville Wright was alive to see that!

Any Chaplin Fan?

Now here's another interesting historic fact. Charlie Chaplin And Adolf Hitler Were Both Born In 1889. Remember Chaplin's performance as Hitler in the great Dictator?

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Another Chaplin fact

Here's another Chaplin fact. he died the same year Apple was Incorporated! He never used one!

With The Queen

Now here's a fact involving Queen. We never picture Marilyn old as she left us pretty young. But Queen Elizabeth II and Monroe were born in the same year, i.e 1926! Wow!

Same Year

Speaking of people born in the same year, Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Junior were born in the same year i.e 1929!

Fun Lunar fact

Swiss women got their right to vote and US drove a buggy on the moon in the same year, 1971! Crazy, right?