10 Honest Illustrations Of Mom That Shows Us What It's Like To Have Kids At 25

  • 2:12 pm September 18, 2018
  • Helma

Well the most beautiful thing in the world is having kids and feeling the blissful life of motherhood but the thing is in this magical like there is always ups and downs. Kids maybe a good thing in life but the actual struggle is when you have to handle your kids when they are growing up and when you are 25 years old and you are having kids than the main struggle begins there. These illustrations describe the daily life of a mother who is having kids at 25.

First Time Breast Feeding

Well we always wonder what it feels like when women breastfeed their child for the first time and this image is enough to prove it.

Not A Morning Person

When you have kids one thing is definitely gonna change and that is you being a sleepy head is now replaced into a morning person.

Nothing Fits

You may have a thin body like a model but after becoming a mother you know how difficult it is to get that perfect shape body again as now nothing fits anymore.


Well if kids can really stress you out not also at home but also in public crowded area where you want them to behave but they will throw their antics in front of others.

House Is Mess

We should learn from our mothers and respect them because of what she does every day like always cleaning the house as kids these days only know how to mess the house with their things.

Pregnant Body

Being a mom is really a tough job but she will still do her job and she knows what she has lost while she was conceived by a kid as she lost her perfect figure to gain a pregnant figure.

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Life Struggle With Broccoli

This is really tough because kids these days don't like leafy vegetables as they will prefer more outside foods which are not good for kids and every mom knows that.

Protecting From Sun

Mother knows how to protect their kids from any harm whether it is sun or anything they will check their kids everytime possible.

Juggling Life

Life of women is not that easy because in every path of life she has to prove it that she can do it whether it is her work from office or home or taking care of her kids as she is not a normal mom she is a supermom.

Keeping Valuables Not Safely

Well, kids can be really messy and you can't keep your valuables around them as they will either play with it or throw it.