10 Illustrations That Will Show You The Real Romantic Relationships

  • 6:03 pm September 21, 2018
  • Helma

Romance doesn't mean that are adapted from movies or films where the girl-boy falls in love and then some misunderstanding and then growing apart but in this case, these illustrations tell us the different story of real relationships that showed us the life of a couple who are staying together and enjoying their romantic life.

Curl Into His Lap

Girls like to curl around you when you are just busy with your kinds of stuff they just want your attention when your ignoring her for work.

I Love You Can Be Harmful

Well the first time she starts trying to make cooking and then you send her the most lovely text which can either lead to harmful or some smoky flame food.

Passionate Kissing

The most perfect kiss is a passionate kiss where you two are just strolling out and then rain showers and the most beautiful part is kissing on rain like you own her body and soul and you want her as she also wants you.

Trying To Seduce

While you both are having a normal banter with each other and then the moment starts with heating up the conversation just by flirting with each other.

King Of Their Small World

He must be the king of his country but in his house, he is just the most beautiful man on earth and the best husband on this planet.

Grow Old Together

The best thing about in relationship is when he tells you that he wants to love you more, have to marry and to bear children with you and also grow old together.

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When he tries to give you a big and beautiful surprise but all you thought that he is just ruining your makeup which you took almost 2 hrs to complete.

The Answer To Most Dreadful Question

You will make love all you want and if you want you can cuddle every time but the most dreadful question is when she asks that do you love her and you are confused.

Christmas Looks Special

Well Christmas never looked this special when you have your special someone who will just make your festive look so perfect.

Fighting Over Food

Fighting over food is the most natural fight where there is no negativity or any jealousy over someone or something because it looks normal.