10 Illustrations Which Will Remind You Of All The Ended And Restored Relationships You Ever Had

  • 3:26 pm September 24, 2018
  • Helma

You must have moved on from your bad breakup but there is something that pulls you back to that relationship which is not existing and that reminds you that how much you have loved that person and how connected you both were together that nothing can drive you apart from him/her. These illustrations will make you remind the love, the feeling, the closeness, and the pain.

The Intimate Part

Intimacy is not always for fun because both people give in to each other and the passion makes them whole and connected in a different way.

Kissing Like Your Life Depends On

Small pecks and light kisses and even when she doesn't feel the sparks between kisses then you do not belong to her. Kissing should be like your life depends on it and spars that make you feel you found your mate.

Kissing On Thighs

Girls love it when their partner kiss them on their neck, throat, and on their thighs it makes them feel like they can lose control with that person.

Neck Kissing Is Weakness

Let me tell you a secret is it woman or man both like it when they are kissed on their neck because it is where the mature content starts.

Carry On Shoulder

This is what a man should do if your woman is not listening or trying to be stubborn. This is what we call fifty shades feeling or the caveman who knows who she belongs to.

Passionate Love

The love you feel when you passionately kiss your partner and you both feel the connection that you both are bound to be together.

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Hurting Phase

Relationships can be so weak were if you try to hurt your other half it makes time to heal that broken bond you have made.

Kissing On Throat

In this position, the intimacy is going to take place were throat kissing is the best intimate feeling in the world were you bound to have no control over it.

Feeling Lonely

The worst feeling is when you are in your break up the part where you feel so lonely that you can't deny the fact that love can hurt so much and you don't want to meet people or have nay rebound relation.

You Feel Comfortable With Him

When love makes you feel weak and sometimes strong and even they make you feel comfortable with each other as you can express your feelings strongly with him