10 Influential Celebrities Who Are Proof, Time Travel Exists

  • 3:03 pm May 24, 2018
  • Hazel

Celebrities have doppelgängers in the past, who claim they are not the same person. But the similarity is extremely fascinating. It is sometimes creepy how they resemble people who existed in the past. Even centuries before they were born. Ever wondered if they time traveled or are they immortals? Or you might just believe in time travel but some pictures exist to amuse the daylights out of you! If you don’t believe in time travel or any other supernatural things, these pictures are evidence that will convince you otherwise.

Orlando Bloom and painter Nicolae Grigorescu

Orlando Bloom is an English actor. Bloom subsequently established himself as a leading man in Hollywood films.

As other actors, even Orlando had a doppelganger, Nicolae Grigorescu, a writer, and a painter changed his name and career.

Bruce Willis and WW2 general Douglas MacArthur

These 2, look so similar that it looks like they are the exact same person with different attires! Walter Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer, and singer. Douglas MacArthur was an American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army.

Justin Timberlake and an unknown man

Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981, is an American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. He was born and raised in Tennessee but this unknown man looks so similar to him that it looks like Justin just time traveled from ages ago. But that's definitely not true.

Sylvester Stallone and Pope Gregory IX

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor and filmmaker. He is a well-known face in Hollywood.

Pope Gregory IX Latin Gregorius IX was Pope from 19 March 1227 until 1241.

Their face structure seems similar.

Peter Dinklage and don Sebastián de Morra

Peter Hayden Dinklage is an American actor and film producer.

Don Sebastián de Morra, and Peter look like they are the same person. I still wonder this is a painting of Peter Dinklage and not another person's picture.

Liam Neeson and Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro

Liam John Neeson OBE is an actor from Northern Ireland. and Cuban communist revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro took part in the Cuban Revolution from 1953 to 1959.

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Nicolas Cage and a man from Tennessee

We are all well aware who Nicholas Cage is, the ghost rider actor has a doppelganger, who is a man from Tennessee.

Nicholas should get him as a double if there is a requirement in the films!

Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress. She was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016.

Zubaida Tharwat was an Egyptian film, stage and television actress who was known for "the most beautiful eyes in classic Egyptian cinema".

Although they don't look exactly similar, Jennifer does look a little Egyptian!

Keanu Reeves and French actor Paul Mounet

Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician.

Play media Mounet-Sully, a French actor, was born in Bergerac. His birth name was Jean-Sully Mounet: "Mounet-Sully"

They are both very infuencial. Or maybe the same person.

Johnny Depp and the great grandfather of a Reddit user

John Christopher Depp II is an American actor, producer, and musician. The second picture is shared by a Johnny Depp's fan.

He discovered a photograph of their great-grandfather, and he had an unusual resemblance to one of Hollywood's leading actors.

He must be proud!