10 Insane Pictures Of People Clicked In Supermarket

  • 7:56 am May 16, 2018
  • Hazel

Visiting a supermarket is a fascinatingly colourful trip in its own right. If you seek for weirdness this is a perfect place to come to. People have weird dressing sense here they shuffle along the aisles in Crocs and pyjamas, and ladies sometimes mumble to themselves. While shopping is sole reason you go to a supermarket there are people who do not understand this simple concept. They think it is some kind of odd dressing competition that they have to win over with all the weirdness a human can possess. I figured my adventures in shopping were way too much fun to keep to myself. If I had to suffer through/enjoy the experience, and I am sure you must have too, here are some insanely weird pictures of people clicked in the supermarket.

The Chetah printed ladies!

I sometimes wonder what the people think when they decide to wear such prints.

Do they even think of it at all? or do they just think, 'let's get weird today!'

I am sure they plan these things or they are picking up some last moments pick up for their fancy dress competition!

Walmart butt show!

Okay, We are not even complaining! Who would not like to see a view like this while shopping? Maybe the nuns!

Whenever I see ladies like these just roaming around, I feel privileged that I get to see them.

Just a little confession- I actually sometimes go shopping only to see the hot ladies, brightens up the mood!

Hot Grandma!

This is crazy! Do grandmas this hot actually exist?

This should not be true otherwise, I am jealous here.

Must sound perverted but I am not lying, she has an amazing figure that any youngster would ever dream of!

The fox-tail man!

This is odd! Well, why not? That is why it is included on the list!

What a disguise, that's a really brilliant costume to come up with, because it is so fricking funny!

I a sure he wanted to dress up like this to come to this place and scare the shit out of other people shopping!

He is my spirit animal!

Wow, that's the ultimate lazy!

This fine lady is the ultimate description of lazy!

Well, she is aware that time is precious and one shouldn't waste it on dressing

Wrap yourself in a bedsheet and slay!

I am terrified!

How can he/she wear such massive hair on their head!

I wonder whether she's having, a bad hair day, or a good hair day!

The Weeknd has better dreadlocks!

This one is an epic fail!

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All fats!

Firstly, this is funny. And second, this picture should not be ignored! It is a potential fancy dress costume!

She is carrying her pillow friends for a little shopping trip!

Complimenting them by looking like a bed!

The explosion!

Does this bonehead realize what has happened to him?

For a much better reason to look behind, is that it looks like his butt explode. He might wanna check upon that!

Is his butt okay?

Dare the wear!

This is so fricking hilarious! He was definitely dressed up by his sister or he might not have noticed while accidentally picking her top from the cupboard!

, Either way, his sister is definitely involved!

Amusement Spot!

I suspect that the supermarkets actually hire these people to amuse other people. So that they can raise their sales!

How else is it less of an amusement park?