8 Interesting Facts About Twins None of us Had Any Idea About!

  • 2:22 pm April 4, 2021

Having twins is not very uncommon in our world. But how much do we actually know about them? There are so many facts about twins that most of us have no idea about. Here are some interesting facts about them that all of us should know!

Identical twins are not completely identical

Society and movies have made us to believe that identical twins are absolutely same! They in fact are not. Over time, twins can look less alike due to dietary habits and chemical exposures. They develop different personalities and even health issues. So there are no identical twins in the world who are absolutely identical!

They Help Their moms live longer

How, you may ask? Well, science says that mothers with twins live longer than the ones who did not conceive twins. University of Utah found that mothers who had twins outlived mothers who didn’t. To prove their theory, the researchers literally studied birth records of more than 59,000 women between 1800 and 1970. Interesting, right?

They Are More Than 2 Kinds

We largely believe that twins an be either identical or non identical. But there is much more to it! There are ‘half identical twins’ and ‘mirror image twins’ respectively. In the first case, the egg splits into two and both the halves are fertilised. Mirror image twins, on the other hand, are identical twins who develop asymmetrically.

Twin Inducing Diet

There is a twin inducing diet! Yes, this diet increases you chances of conceiving twins. According to a study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine by Dr. Gary Steinman, having more dairy products can help have twins. He explains in the British journal The Lancet that the level of a certain protein called IGF is 13 times higher in women who consume dairy than those who don’t such as vegans. IGF increases the ovaries’ sensitivity to follicle stimulating hormone, which triggers ovulation. So have more dairy products if you want to have twins!

Twin Talk

A lot of twins in fact develop their own language that only they can understand. They indulge in twin talking using this language!

They Don't Have Same Fingerprints

Thanks to cinema, few of us also believe that twins have same fingerprints. No, they don't!

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The Bond

Twins actually start bonding in their mother's belly! Scientists from University of Padova in Italy studied 3D ultrasound videos of five pairs of twins in the womb. At 14 weeks, the fetuses' reached out for each other and touched their heads. When they were 18 weeks old, they stroked each other more, nearly 30 per cent of the time. This is interesting, isn't it?

Mind Readers

They are mind readers for each other. They understand what the other person is going through within seconds.