10 Jaw Dropping Fountains That Will Leave Your Wide Eyed In Wonder!

  • 9:13 am November 15, 2021
  • surabhi

Our world is a beautiful place and everyday there are things on the internet that remind us of it. In a world where on one hand development is rampant and uncontrolled, and on the other there is degradation of natural resources for human greed, there are things that make life a little more happier - albeit momentarily. These fountains are manmade wonders and spark so much joy that we bet its going to make your week a little more cheery!


Located in Colorado Springs, the Julie Penrose fountain is a stunning manmade beauty located against the backdrop of the Pikes Peak mountain. Created by artist Bill Burgess and architect David Barber and named Continuum - refering to the constant cycle of water. Inspired by the mountain itself, the fountain later got renamed to Julie Penrose after a local philanthropist! The structure has 366 water jets that continuously spray water. The piece slowly turns as well, completing four rotations per hour!


The United Arab Emirates loves fancy manmade wonders - Heck the whole country is a manmade wonder! For a country that struggles with drinking water, it sure has a lot of fountains to boast of. Take for instance this divers fountain. Running across the length of the mall (all four levels, mind you!), this fountain has human diver figures made out of fibreglass. This creates a beautiful visual spectrum. Singapore-based DPA Architects designed this wonder!


Singapore sure knows how to shine bright and this fountain is just adding to its glamour. Located in the country's largest shopping mall, Suntec city, the Fountain of Wealth was declared the largest waterfall in the world in 1998. This fountain surely attracts more customers to the mall. During the day, the fountain is turned off and people can visit it and walk around the mini fountain at the centre for good luck. Evenings, the fountain lights up and there are laser shows, live performances, etc.


The Banpo bridge along with another bridge called Jamsu bridge, forms the first double decker bridge in South Korea. Located over the Han River, every evening the Banpo bridge fountain lights up and puts on a show. Called the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, it is the longest bridge fountain in the world and also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records!


Located in Playa de la Malvarrosa in Valencia, Spain, this fountain is a big hit among locals and tourists alike. While similar sailboat looking fountains exist in other places too, this one particularly stands out. It is a simple structure that practically looks just like a real sailboat. Except that in reality, the sail is actually just water that is coming out of the mast!


Japan loves its modern design and minimalism and taking these to a whole notch higher is this Waterfall Graphic Print in Osaka. The display varies from digital time, floral artworks and the name of the building it is located in. An advanced digital printer allows the fountain to be programmed to display both numbers and letters. On some days, it also has a light and sound show too!

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Located on Place Stravinsky, in Paris, this fountain is as contemporary as contemporary can get. Designed after the works of composer Igor Stravinsky, this fountain is a shallow basin fountain of 580 square metres. Inside this basin, there are 16 works of stand alone sculptures that are inspired by Stravinsky's compositions. The black mechanical pieces of sculpture are by Jean Tinguely; the brightly colored works are by Niki de Saint Phalle. These 16 sculptures move too!


How can the list not have this manmade wonder!

The Dubai Fountain is a dancing fountain located on the Burj Khalifa lake. Designed by WET Design, a california based company, the Dubai fountain has over 6,600 lights and 50 colored projectors. It shoots water up to 500 ft and its about 275 m long. The water in this fountain dances to contemporary Arabic music and also to world music. Since its inauguration in 2009, the fountain has been a pride of Dubai and is frequented by its locals and tourists alike!


Created by Czech artist David Černý, METALmorphosis is a large sculpture of a human head. Located in Whitehall Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, this "head" was inaugurated in 2007. Material used is polished stainless steel and is made of 40 layers that are articulated into 7 pieces that can rotate individually. If the word marvelous had a fountain counterpart, this would be it!!!!


While the other fountains are physically present around the world, this one is a marvel that Chad Knight created. Chad, a digital artist creates these beautiful wonders and we really hope it materializes into reality soon!