10 Kardashian Fashion Trends That They Made Famous

  • 3:59 am July 2, 2018
  • Hazel

The Kardashian clan is the most popular ones these days. They are literally everywhere, the internet, the social media and even the t.v. 10 years of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was enough fame but their trends have the whole internet blindly follow them and they don’t only make trends they make the top trends and this makes them more famous on the internet. They are known for their hourglass figure and fuller lips and also the setting trends and that is why they were in the news for any reason good or bad. The fame is theirs, their fashion has become the definition and their makeup is setting some serious goals. Contouring was their invention and it pretty much changed how and what we consider makeup. Baking is the new trend and the Kardashians made pretty much everything they do, a trend.

Bodycon clothing

So the Kardashians are the ones who made the Bodycon dressing famous and we are thankful for that. This body-hugging clothing enhances the curves of the body and fits well. Everything the Kardashians do, accentuates the bodies, everything from From dresses and bodysuits to tight jeans and pencil skirts.


The generation's iconic color, "Millennial Pink" is the subdued pink. It is literally everywhere, from accessories to clothing. The matte colors and the neutral or even nude palette is what the Kardashians stick to very often.


They made the comfy, famous! The Kardashians really ran with this trend that makes it okay to wear your comfy gym wear all day even if you never go to the gym. Kanye West, as the original pioneer of this trend. His Yeezy line made laidback, sporty clothing a fashion statement.

Double Denim

The double denim was a big no in fashion until Kylie wore it like a pro and surely slain this one! The trend is quite a mishap if anyone else wears it but not when they actually slay the outfit!

One piece bathing suits

So, the bikinis were always in fashion but these Kardiashian girls made teh once piece bathing suit famous back in 2015. They literally stnd out of the crowd and they also make the crowd follow them.

Accentuating lips

So, when Kylie went through the plastic surgery she raised many eyebrows and fell prey to many controversies and also garnered a lot of hate because of her choice. She didn't really accept it at first but eventually, it is understood that she went under the knife. But her experiment actually turned out quite better than what was expected and so the fuller lips came into style.

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Contouring is the one thing that the Kardashians should be given real credit for. Nowadays everyone does it, and this trend they set is not only followed by their fans but also the celebrities.

Wet hair look

This one is not that appealing when we try to imitate but when the Kardashian girls do it. It is news. They are already very attractive and trends like these just make them look more gorgeous!

Colored hair

Colored hair and wearing different wigs for different looks have been the new trend followed lately. The wig trend was long gone but Kylie bought it back. She tries many different looks and it all suits her very well...

Smoky eye

The smoky eye was famous before the Kardashians too but when Kim wore it like a diva she made it famous again! It was the most gorgeous thing to see. Because the smoky eye didn't always look good and not everyone can wear it so well as Kim!