10 Facts Of Luxurious Dubai Which Are Just A Myth

  • 3:31 pm July 12, 2018
  • delcy

All that glitters is not gold is the perfect example for the city of dreams Dubai . Well you already seen the luxurious life of Dubai which has given you the dreams of living a perfect spacious life like driving a Ferrari or Lambhorgini. Also living in richest hotels or roaming around the streets and drooling over the most beautiful skycrapers, and giving an utmost thought of living a luxurious life and to settle down forever. So here you can look into 10 facts about the luxurous life of Dubai which is surely nothing but an imagination.


Dubai is the most well known country for its expensive cars and luxurious life, with almost everyone living the spacious life. But what differs in the city life, that they always shows the better life and good side of their city, so to promote themselves.

The city is totally perfect for billionaires. But Out of 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, only 20 of them live in Dubai.

There are no unemployment

Well you already accepted the fact that Dubai is the expensive city which will never let you to unemployment but higher education in any university of the world is paid by the government of the UAE, if you’re a native of course.

Ecological One

Dubai certainly likes to think of itself as an ecologically clean city.But still it is city that is full with super-cars and not Toyotas. That's why it is called the city of dreams.


Well living in Dubai is like living the luxuries life and when you also prefer to settle down there. Well the education for children is free. And migrants have to pay $100,000 for 11 years of education in public school. That’s why most of them leave their kids in their native countries.

Cleanest city

When it comes to weather it is really hot down there, and the sky is often gray due to the large amount of dust in the air. That’s how a desert climate looks like, and mostly it looks like a desert region.

Police with expensive cars

The Dubai’s Police uses many regular cars like BMW, Audi and Toyota etc. They do have super-cars in the force, and they don't show off. There’s plenty of super-cars in Dubai and the Police simply has to keep up with the speed.

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Wild Pet animals

The fact is that prefer cats more than dogs by the locals, but ordinary one. Not lions or cheetahs. In fact, it’s against the law in Dubai to keep a wild animal and you can end up 6 months in jail for it, Or with a penalty from $2,700 to $138,00.

Dress code

Well you have learn that the dress code is to cover from head to toe,but Only about 9% of the population are actually locals, and 91% of the population come from other countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Dubai was famous for many things and also an extremely profitable business. If you’ve ever heard about the Persian Gulf, you know that the jewelry coming from there is highly valued. And Dubai is mostly known for their gold business.


Dubai has mainly shown you the highest skycrapers and wish to live the dream of living an expensive life. But the truth is even if you see highest skycrapers, you will also see one storey house and regular apartments.

So these are the facts and myths of the luxurious Dubai.