10 Mesmerising Pictures That Are Taken At The Right Time

  • 5:38 pm September 8, 2018
  • Helma

This is not just a picture taken on a different way but they were taken at the right time on a right moment and these are not fake pictures but they are the real image which shows nature in two different way. They are so mesmerizing that you couldn't take your eyes off it and will keep staring at it.

Yachts On Sky High

Well if you look closely you will see that so many ships and yachts are floating on sky but it is just a mirror reflection of the sky. So either our world is tilted or the cameras.

Black And White

This looks so perfect and we can't take our eyes off it because of its mesmerizing beauty where both water and snow is connected perfectly.


If you look at it you will see that ship is floating in the air and you suddenly think of harry potter but actually, its just a one-way image were both the water and the land is seen.

Volcano Looks So Pretty

We have seen volcano erupts from the mountain or any island but we haven't been in that closeup to the islands which are affected.

Two Things In One Frame

Well if you look at it you will see two different frames but in reality, it is just one picture that is taken so perfectly to confuse you all.

What A View

We all have seen sunrise and sunset but this looks surreal and we feel so thankful to the person who clicked it very efficiently.

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Stormy Clouds

This cloud is not a fake one and they are not even edited but it is an actual picture taken where there is always a storm forming the cloud every now and then.

Making A Circle

This bridge looks so creepy but mesmerizing as if you see the reflexion on the water you will see that the bridge is making a circle.

Titanic Again

Well, we all have watched Titanic and we have cried a lot watching the climax where the ship is tilted to the upside where soo to meet its end and this looks exactly like that.

Man made Vs Nature

We always debate about man-made vs nature and there are some people who try to destroy nature with its evil nature and there are some who respects it with kindness and this is how it looks where both man-made and nature are connected side by side.