10 Odd Scenarios That No One Can Explain

  • 3:25 pm August 31, 2018
  • Hazel

There are many situations and pictures on the internet where you can’t tell what the people appear to be doing. The picture is so confusing that you cannot differentiate between them. When you see people acting all crazy which you cannot explain, you think in your mind that you are punching them on their face and thinking that maybe, just maybe you could actually implement what you imagined. It is more annoying when people do crazy pointless things in public. It is just embarrassing!

Who does this?

This is very disrespectful for food. This guy must be drunk to have been doing this weird stunt. Or maybe he was just mad how the food tasted and to revolt, he decided to do this bizarre stunt.

Banana dog?

People are so fricking crazy when it comes to innovation in food. This is something so stupid that I would never even imagine of eating. This is really gross.

Neon paint fails

He should have thought about how the results will be after the neon painting over his face. He might have thought that this might looked awesome but the painter surely didn't possess the talent to make it look better.

Wow, is this a dream?

This class has taken the 'see from a different perspective' phrase too seriously. I wish this was something that would happen in our normal class too. Imagine walking right into an inception conceptual class.

A phone has talent!

I wonder why I was not the one who innovated stuff like this! The person who did this definitely thinks out of the box and this is something that I would really want to try sometime. Hoping the phone won't give up.

What is this?

Wrong question... Why is this? Who woukd even think of doing this to their own body. It looks like he ran out of electricity or battery for his electric razor. Or maybe he just wanted to look funny inside the t-shirt.

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Where are thou gravity?

This guy is totally defying the laws of gravity. Man's got real talent after what he is doing. This looks so amazing. After Michael Jackson's infamous lean, this is what we evolved for.

Just out for a tan

Who's going to miss a good chance on the sunny road for a tan? Well, definitely not these ladies. They are totally enjoying the sun in the middle of the road like, sass queen's,who aren't bothered of anything running over them.

This Halloween costume is the worst!

Hope she does not win the best costume. This doesn't look like Halloween but fancy dress for kids. How did she even manage to imagine this outfit. I can't even look that this with my naked eyes and sane mind.

Online job interviews be like...

The best example of the reality behind the scene. I always thought that the journalists on the TV are wearing pajamas underneath the table where we cannot see. And I am now sure that all the online job interviews are held the same way.