10 Of The Most Embarrassing Prom Dresses One Would Ever See

  • 7:18 pm July 23, 2018
  • Hazel

We are all pretty aware by now that dressing is an art. And, this art, quite simply like any other art, needs good work to master. But, it isn’t that easy, and not everyone can master the art of dressing, and so, a lot of people do make a lot of mistakes when it comes to the matter of dressing. Well, it’s not only the mistakes they make, there are some who create some incorrigible blunders and look like a fish out of the water. Same applies to people who turn the fashion game on their heads when try acing the game of fashion for prom. It doesn’t always turn the way you wish it to. It is hilarious how some people wait their whole school year for this big day and then end up looking funny on the auspicious day which obviously makes the list for our entertainment. The compilation is surely an entertaining one…

They ruined the cliche pose!

Look how happy they are. I honestly think that tanned skin and hot pink dress don't go well together.

This is revealing and funny at the same time.

I don't know how she even thought that this dress is going to be the best option for prom!

What the hell...

This is not a very wise option to wear for a prom. This couple looks like a taxi. The yellow color is so bright it is poking in the eyes. I wonder how many people around them survived the sight of the outfit!

Is she barbie or something?

Who dresses up like this on a prom, didn't anyone tell her this is going to be a prom night or whatever.

Dressed up like a "doll", looking as clueless as anyone might be, we wonder what makes people take such choices.

Is this a color combination

If they are colour co-ordinated then we completely disagree since they may have used a whole lot of colour but no way do they match or appear in sync with each other, get a life you guys.

Is it a pyramid?

Whats happening in the name of the prom here, has she signed up for providing shade to everyone, we aren't really sure.

Balloons are they?

Are they ribbons or were they balloons we aren't really sure but whatever it might be it doesn't suit them well for sure.