10 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made In The World!

  • 11:18 am December 7, 2020
  • surabhi

The world is built by humans, piece by piece with a lot of hardwork. But at the end of the day, people responsible are just humans and they are bound to make some grave mistakes. Take for instance these slew of chaotic mistakes that cost those funding these projects big million bucks!


This guy called Robert Tappan Morris is who the entire world is scared of. He invented the first worm and believe it or not, he infected thousands of unix computers. He found one loophole and managed to create such a widespread havoc. He was convicted for his invention and sentenced to social service. Today he is a professor at MIT, the same university where he first created the malware!


This crypto currency has 2 kind of people reacting to it - lovers / users and absolute haters. Turns out this fellow, James Howell, was an avid Bitcoin collector and had collected over 7500 of the currency. When it reached its peak in 2013, he realized he had apparently dumped the hard disk some place and couldn't find it. What a shame!


Heathrow airport, one of the busiest in the world is always pumped and gets things right. But not on the first day that it opened. There were so many errors that day, including - bags not being loaded, problems with the baggage system, cancellation of over 500 flights, massive queues, over 28000 bags stranded etc. The list is long!


Jack Phillips, the senior radio operator was responsible for not passing a clear warning to the Ship's captain. Imagine this tiny mistake causing the whole massive disaster that Titanic was!


One of the most expensive initiative for both the developing countries. It was the aftermath of social - economical strain that the two countries struggled to work through.


In 1995 Antonov An-26 aircraft flew over Purulia in West Bengal and dropped unauthorized arms. The accused Kim Davy from Denmark claimed that it was a move by the ruling Congress party and RAW to overthrow the Communist party of West Bengal at the time1

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A man took party in a lottery and got his ticket home. But his wife thought it was some kind of garbage and threw it. Turns out the man won a $116 million prize on that but it is really sad that the wife's cleaning enthusiasm kinda killed it!


If someone told you they were selling off their Apple Inc. share you would probably guffaw at them. Turns out, this guy, Robert Wayne has the whole world doing so at this time. In 1976, when Apple suffered bankruptcy, Robert Wayne sold off his 10% shares for a mere $800. Today the same is worth $80 million.


Our history is filled with all kinds of crazy accounts. Take for instance this battle of Tarain, on the Indian soil between ruler Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghuri. Since Chauhan didn't end Ghuri's life on the battlefield, the sultan returned to usurp what was then the massive kingdom of Chauhan!


Okay this is the saddest and the most expensive mistakes in a lifetime. For an architect it could mean end of his career and precisely so!

The Millenium bridge in London swayed so much due to the "weight" of pedestrians walking over it, that it had to be shut down within 2 months of its opening in 2000. It took 2 years to modify and rebuild it and stop it from swaying!