10 Of The Stupidest Mistakes In The Titanic Movie Which Cracked up The Audience Around The world.

  • 4:15 pm May 16, 2018
  • mariam

There are some scenes from the movie “Titanic” have a lot of contradictions. We found some of the huge mistakes made in this famous movie. Movie production is a huge process of thousands of people, multiple departments, and a number of different stages. Which is why some things go unnoticed and published as such. Here we found major mistakes which went unnoticed by you all in this Oscar-winning film.

Suspenders disappeared

We all have a habit of concentrating on the dresses worn by the actor and actresses in the film more than the story. But I bet you missed Jack's suspenders disappeared in the middle of the scene. How fast it changed?

Shifted Sides

Makeup artist spends hours on lead actor and they ask millions for each artist staff. Beauty mark goes from one side of the face in one scene to the other side of the scene which comes afterward in the movie.

Quick Changes In Hairstyle

In this scene, hustle and fight for survival, jack's instant change of hairstyle within a second is so impressive. Is it a magic? No matter what is the situation actors have to look perfect and good looking in every scene.

Gap Between The Railing

In this scene, Jack makes his stand on the railing of the ship, and grabs rose as she extends her arms. That is when Jack and Rose share their first kiss. Well, let’s get back to that rule. It is very dangerous to stand on that railing and many couples did in order to re-enact the scene. But all of the sudden, Titanic crew gets concerned about security and in the middle of a scene, they join the gaps. Amazing!

Coat Checked

There are people like us who notice people in the background. But do you remember the scene where Jack and Rose having the conversation on the upper deck, one gentleman goes from a long black coat to a gray suit also his length changes in short.

Part Of Dress Disappeared

In this scene, I really got goosebump where Rose tries to jump and there Jack and Rose meet for the very first time. But I know many of them overlooked the mistakes. The material of a dress in one moment is in Rose's hand but on another second it disappeared.

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Magic Pillow

In the movie, between all that hustle and bustle and Jack and Rose's battle to survive, a pillow appears out of nowhere. The crew of the movie, where was all your attention? In this scene when Rose and Jack battle for survival, When rose tries to find something hard to rescue Jack. The pillow appears out of nowhere. The crew of the movie, where was all your attention?

Cable Suspension

There were a huge amount of people on the cruise, the crew member has to see every member safety during movie production. At the end of the movie when all falling passengers were suspended with cables.

That's Foam!

Titanic is the biggest movie and seriously I was not expecting such a silly mistake. The capstan on the ship was actually made up of foam. I know you are shocked but it is true.

Cameraman reflection

The biggest mistake which went unnoticed is the reflection of the cameraman is seen at the door. see it properly the cameraman is seen clearly.