10 People Share Their Darkest And Scariest Experience Ever. Unexplainable!

  • 12:49 pm October 3, 2020
  • suhas

There is so much happening around us that we literally have no idea about. Things can get really dark sometimes. Unexplainable Incidents Happen where no logic sets right. 10 individuals share such an experience and trust me, this is scary!


This is scary, downright scary. But, the mother is thankful here. maybe we should be happy for her perhaps?

Mystery Sound

Stories like these can really give you chills. Also, such things happen in real. They are scary but you have to maintain your calm.

Angry Old Lady

So what would you call this? Can you explain things like this? Active imagination? Happened for real? What is your take on this incident? Scary though!

Life Saving Ghost?

So they say angels are always around us. May be, this girl was an angel sent by god to save this person's life! nice!

Pet Love

The relationship that you have with your pet is one of the purest relationships in the world. They are a part of your life and even after going they never go!


We really hope something like this never happens with you. We sincerely hope you never have to go through this, ever!

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This maybe absolutely simple but yet gives us chills! When you read it you know how scary it can get!

The Scary Feels

Maybe it is nothing for real and just the fact that they know something happened which is playing in their minds! Or maybe, what they feel is right!

The Protective One

Such stories are unexplainable, yes! But extremely heartwarming as well. It is always great to know that somebody is out there looking after you to protect you!

No Idea

They say they have o idea and maybe they actually don't! But the incident described here is super duper scary!