10 People Who Managed To Prove That Why Dumb Word Was Invented

  • 6:01 pm July 14, 2018
  • delcy

Ever felt that you're dealing with many dumb people or you dealing with worst job, orelse you are having your worst day, then take a look at these pictures where people managed to prove that they are truly amazing with their dumb efforts and the word dumb exactly suits them. Well, even the intelligent people do silly mistakes, because being is not usually for someone who use less brains. But looks like the world is not having enough with the dumb character. So have a look at these dumb antics done by people.

Slow Clap!!!

Well ever want to find out how dumb people behave or want to know the signs of being dumb then here are the list of 10 dumbest people who proved no calamities can change the behavioural of the dumbest people on earth.

This woman is surely took all the credits on being dumb because it looks like her purchase will never end, so its better to have a backup option.

Explains Everything!

Damn! this one is surely for spiderman or superman. And when everyone tells you think out of the box, well worry not? hence proved by the engineers. And it seems like someone will get fired .

Hence proved!

Women had always been criticize for their bad driving skills and looks like that it should be declared that women should not even think of buying it!Though she tried cleaning it but what about the door.

Oh! sweet rainy child

Well during rainy season, people prefer umbrella to cover themselves but this guy is quite an exception. Looks like we are living in 2018 and this guy is living in 2050, surely have to learn a lot from this guy.

As if it's gonna help

Seems like someone is taking a right path but for a week. As if its gonna work for a sometime. Well this guy is surely giving an inspiration to all those drug addicts in the world.

Knowledge is power!

Less knowledge and meme goes hand in hand and this one is surely proving that girls should either be more intelligent because wrong information can lead you to be in centre of all dumb attraction.

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Oh! lemme update something.

Technology has taken all over the place and this one seems like even though any calamities happen, phone should be updated. And here this woman rather than caressing her baby is busy looking through her notifications.

Lazy people signs

What worst can happen, if you're lunchbox is packed like this, either they should be fired. When bae packed your lunchbox but you somehow managed it because they tried.

Atleast, you noticed

Better he notice that because who puts a frame of a ceiling fan, Well there should be slow clap for realisation and this one surely takes the crown for being dumb.

Teacher is always right

This student is truly amazing but its hard to prove him wrong. When you're dealing with dumb people it is better to keep our mouth shut and this guy is a star.

So these are the people who managed to prove everyone right that dumb word is associated because of them.