10 People Who Perked Everyone’s Mood Up On The Conventional Subway

  • 12:56 pm May 17, 2018
  • Hazel

The subway has become one of the most efficient modes of transportation in major cities like New York City and London. This leads to some interesting experiences with riders and discovering some pretty weird people. If you ever want to feel more normal, ride the subway. People use the subway to get around. Typically you’ll see people dressed up for work or a bright social event. But sometimes you might find that people are wearing costumes, or barely any clothing. You also might find people that are pretty eccentric and might even cause you to question your safety. Similar to Walmart, the decorum of how to act and dress in public seems to be thrown away on the subway. Most people probably consider that they will never see these people again, so they can live a little and go completely nuts in their outfits and behavior on the subway.

True Camouflage

This is a perfect camouflage and it is going be some serious task if she hides in a Hide and seeks game.

It almost looks like a black mannequin.

Some, 2000's rapper

The guy is so fricking attractive.

I wish I was on the train just to adore his wonderful body muscles!

He looks like he's about to rap about something! With the beefy muscles and over the top gold chain!

Everyone should wear dresses

These guys must've been dared to do such publicity stunt.

That's hardcore, man!

It is more awesome because they are casually wearing it around.

Not even bothering about the unusual and fidgeting with it!

Harry Potter cast!

The whole Harry Potter cast travels from the Subway. Guess they are going to Hogwarts, right?

They lied in the movie, it wasn't the station they used to disappear, instead they traveled on the train and got to Hogwarts.

Confused fashion!

She should first make up her mind about what exactly she wants.

Getting out of the house all confused with the which look to go with is a bad idea.

People like us judge you hard!

Hairy guy!

His hair is so fluffy, I want to put my hand in there and feel it!

This big fluff takes it all, anything you have to offer.

Like a mini black hole, its everything that goes in there will disappear into the abyss.

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Is he going to war?

It looks like a tin foil wrapped around a human.

This is such an amusing situation, where is he going? Is the history repeating itself, I want to go to war with you!

Broken Iron man!

Omg! what happened to Tony Stark? This is so devastating to see him broken.

Javis, fix him please!

Mr. Penniwise?

I am already scared,

Hats off to that guy in the background who is so chill

I want to forget this!

Blue bearded man!

This blue bearded man is so funky! I love this new trend!

I will follow the same.

This is really awesome!