9 People Who Wish They Didn’t Experience Such Misery

  • 5:38 pm May 29, 2018
  • Hazel

It is hard for people to forget their unlucky experiences because people around them don’t let them forget it or maybe they have it captured and uploaded on the internet, and the internet cannot let you forget this, right? But what have we do with this? We have to look at their misery and enjoy their haplessness. How amusing for us netizens, but oh so sad for the ones who had to go through the misery!

Literally late

It's funny when you associate the person who is no more, with the word, 'late' and then it will be more literally said, because of this accident! So, precise!

Ruined party

Imagine your cake order showing up like this! Though it would taste delicious it won't actually get give away a good presentation!

This is what a ruined party looks like! I feel sad for the person who had to deal with this!

The turn of events!

I would have cried like a child if this would have happened to me. I swear to almighty God! I could have had a heartbreak just to see this precious icecream's fall! I wonder how the person had the guts to get a picture of the loss!

Laundry day has gone wrong!

He just wanted to laundry but then the washing machine had different plans because of which it's rage is unbearable! This is when you put a week's clothes and overload it with all your dirt! Even the washing machine gets pissed!

Clean up aisle 3

I am sure the one who is responsible for this was cursed by many!

But the one who got the cleaning duty had the worst day of his/ her life.

Why do people do such stupidity? Just, why?

The un-luck!

Who did this? This is when you have to drinks and think that you are hulk and put your whole stamina in small things like opening the car door. Worse case scenario, it turns out to be your car!

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Black pepper chaos

Imagine getting the perfect half fry. If you are no an amazing cook, you know how hard it is to break the egg in half and getting a perfectly bonded yellow part. Then imagine the having a black pepper havoc over it! Breakfast ruined!

Swimming pool!

My wife once said that she wanted a swimming pool but then this happened! Why am I the only one enjoying this view, it is so beautiful, looks like it is situated on a lake!

Yearbook picture!

When even your school hates you! This by the worse thing happening to you. Imagine being neglected in one picture which you are going to be reminded of your whole life!