10 Unlucky People Whom Fortune Didn't Favor One Bit!

  • 6:21 pm October 12, 2020
  • suhas

If you are having a great day, lovely. but if you are not, do not worry, there are people who are struggling much more than you and these images prove that. Try to control your laughter after looking at these images!

The Irony of Life

The Irony of Life is that the mug that can break ends up breaking without giving you a chance to fix it! Sad, but irony!

Not A Good Switch

If this isn't the weirdest switch you have ever seen in your life, I don't really know what is! Absolutely crazy!

The Puck Hit

To get the best shot fans can even prefer to get hit by the puck to be honest. Life is tough and painful but fans don't care!

The Adulterated World

Everything around you is adulterated. To add a good taste hot dogs and burgers are now sold with paper and cellophane it seems!

Life Sticks

All we can do after looking at this is feel sad and bad! that's it! Also, thank god it wasn't on the seat!

The Face Value

You know those perfect photos clicked at the correct time? this one is certainly one of them!

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No Chance

This has to be one of the unluckiest person on that day! The only number missing is the one he has! Wow!

Mr. President

I met the president. I really doubt if that was a dream or for real, said this very very unlucky man perhaps!

Inside Out

All eyes on me when I was in the queue, is there something wrong? Well, only if some people bother to check themselves once in a while!

It's a Hairy Business

Somebody is clearly not having a very good day to be honest! Do not fire up your hair on your special days, please!