10 Photographs That Will Turn Any Naive Human Into A Hard-Core Sceptic

  • 6:58 am May 17, 2018
  • Hazel

The internet is full of images that amaze us with its uniqueness or more of weirdness. If you see an image on the internet you quickly connect to it and this is one thing we all share, we all relate to it the instant we see it! It’s almost like some people go through an experience, whether it is a good one or a bad one and we are aware of it before we make the mistakes yourself. We have to take caution in order to not experience the bad situation.

Elsa must be so angry!

When you expect something really alluring looking at the cake album choosing which one you want but end up getting a worse alternate of it!

Poor customer must've cried for poor Elsa.

The balloons

The Micky shaped party balloons didn't really turn out the way it should've.

The balloon is really confusing as of what shape does it actually reveals.

Such disappointment!

Online failed expectations

When you order something online that looks all cute and fitted but when it actually arrives it fails to satisfy your needs.

This one right here is an example of the expectation vs reality of online shopping!

Not so fresh!

Well, this is not what I wanted to eat on the go!

The wrapper has failed the one who bought it!

It was not a good idea to buy a readily-made sandwich.

Not at all fresh!

Treats gone shapeless!

Okay, so this one is in a really bad shape. The best example of how you portray yourself on Instagram and how you really are from the inside.

The plus point is that you still taste delicious!

Creativity or overconfidence

When you see a DIY and think that this is going to turn up exactly how you want it to be but rather end up ruining it.

This is why you should not be overconfident about your skills

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Not in a minion time!

Minions are supposed to look cute, not scary.

Whatever the hell happened to the poor minion was sure as scary as it looks.

It faces explains the horror!


I had so many expectations for this thing but it was all ruined as I dipped it into water.

It is not the shape I was looking out for.

Why is the spiderman body looks unrealistically beefy.

It's like he skipped to work on his arms in the gym. Or the spider had some other plans with the biting!

The kid's misfortune

I feel sorry for the kid! Why would they make clickbait candies? Is this some kind of conspiracy held against authenticity?

This is really upsetting!

Look at the smiley on the wrapper and the sad face on the candy.

So, hurtful!

Smart sell!

The defective piece sold smartly!

Seriously though, set aside the expectation and real thing, I want to applaud the one who is behind this creative fraud

So, insightful, man!