10 Photos Of Celebrity Which Proves That They Are Just Like Us

  • 4:06 pm August 24, 2018
  • Hazel

When we have the thought about what a celebrity life would be like, we usually think that they must be all lavish and they wouldn’t do normal things like we do but in actuality, they are also humans and they have the same feelings like us and are not aliens do not understand the basic feelings. Everyone has the same feelings and we are all humans. These pictures just prove the same. The celebrities having a normal time with their loved ones or alone, doing the same normal things that we do. They are not indifferent but they are just more famous and we are not. That is the only difference!

Liv Tyler

Unlike other mainstream celebrities Liv Tyler is not awkward about being an a mother. Not an extraordinary mother but an ordinary one. Liv has 3 little kids. The fact that she cares for her kids so much makes every woman think that motherhood is the most awesome thing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We all remember Arnold for his fitness quotient and his action movies. Ever thought he would turn out to be such an adorable father. Look at their happy faces reliving the memory from the past. It's priceless.


She is an amazing singer and we all are all aware that one other thing that she is appreciated for is her humility and this picture best describes it. She is doing her own work inspire of people being there to do her work. She is polishing her own nails. Not much celebs are spotted doing normal things like this.

Gal Gadot

She is taking a quality time out on the break between shoots by spending her time coloring. Maybe this is the way she gets rid of stress. This is so cool, a wonder woman coloring stuff. Awesome!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon, the three awesome personalities make and awesome girl pack. They are so cool, just being around with no stress of looking always attractive for the camera. Just being there having fun is all that matters to them.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is the epitome of energy. This beautiful personality does literally everything. She lives the moment as now and today not tomorrow or wait for fun. She is fun and her actions best describe it.

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Ann Hathaway

The beautiful actress is never afraid of poking fun on her own self. This is why she is so much loved by her audience, her fans. She is such a nice person to be around and even fun. Who doesn't love people who love to have fun and are not offended too often. A true Princess of Geneva!

Chris Pratt

The handsome actor is not only awesome on screen but also of screen as he just has fun at all costs. Being as normal as any human being on earth and still being the best at job and have fun like crazy.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is really an inspiration to many celebs that makeup and surgeries aren't important. That they should live lives at their fullest and yet be comfortable in their own skin and confident enough to show it off!

Tom Hanks

We have all done this, accepted. And Tom Hanks also takes pictures with others cars to show off just like us. And why not, he is Tom Hanks, he can do any freaking thing!