10 Photos That Describe About The Everlasting Love

  • 5:13 pm September 4, 2018
  • Hazel

Love is everlasting and it is the strongest feeling, and the phrase says that sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead. But here these people showed the everlasting love between two people who proved that love doesn't have boundaries and reflects the true nature which will touch your soul. They proved that even though as age passed love will never fade. So these photos that describe the everlasting love.


Surprises are always awesome and well appreciated and this couple is goals. The old lady was surprised by her husband in the hospital on their 57th anniversary. The old man visited her with a tux and a bouquet of flowers.


A good marriage is when you constantly keep on making plans to hang out with each other as couples. This keeps the marriage alive. This 93-Year-old grandpa takes his wife on weekly dates. This is how excited they are while getting ready for it.

Engagement Ring

Sacrifice is something that is a must in a marriage to work or to run a family. This woman had sacrificed her marriage ring to buy groceries and pay bills. This is the best surprise as her husband buys her a new one.

Getting married at old age

As the society stereotypes marriage to be done by a certain age, this 70-year-old man decides to get married to a 67-year-old fiance and they seem quite happy about it.

Same tees

Small gestures like these make the marriage more interesting as this couple didn't lose their mystic and their inquisitiveness by wearing the same t-shirt and showing the world their love for each other.


Even after not being together anymore this old man goes to this park where he and his wife used to spend some time with each other and the photo was taken back when they were together. This memory is truly touching and is the best manifestation of love.

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40 years

This couple's before and after picture of being married for 40 years is goals. They shared their life, sadness, and happiness with each other. They were married after only 8 months meeting and they’re still married 40 years today.

More than 40 years

These pictures are more than 40 years apart and they are still so in love with each other. This old couple still has the same love overpouring on each other as they had 40 years ago.

Holding on...

This old couple is weak but they have each other by their side to share their burden and share their love for each other as they are holding onto each other. This is love!

Feel young!

This looks so pure. She got married at the old age yet she feels young and fresh all over again! She said, ’I know I’m old but he makes me feel like I’m young again.