10 Pictures From The Historical Times That You Haven't Seen Before

  • 2:41 pm September 25, 2018
  • Helma

We have known are past and we are living the present and the future is just around the corner but have you ever thought of walking down a memory lane where everything started as a picture from historical times which are so unique and we haven't seen it that before. Pictures from Princess Diana times and the first muffins sellers and Arnold in his younger days.

Arnold Schwarznegger In His Younger Days

An action hero who made our heart skip with his terminator looks as here is the old picture of the actor walking around in Munich Wearing only underwear to promote health and exercise.

Princess Diana With John Travolta

The famous actor John Travolta and Princess Diana dancing at the white house reception in 1985. This looks so surreal to watch too big people having good time whereas the late princess looks so beautiful in a black gown.


October is been known for Halloween weeks were children come in their Halloween outfits to ask for treat or trick and this image is from the time of the fifties in Florida and this how Halloween used to look like at that time.

Albert Einstein

The great scientist where the world knows him for is innovations has been pictured with his wife Elsa with some Hopi tribe people in Grand Canyon, the USA in 1931

Tallest Man

The tallest man in the history Fyodor Makhnov of his time as he was 2.85m (9.25 ft) tall and he almost weighed about 182 kg (401.24 lb) in the year 1900s.

Muffins For The First Time

We now have cakes and muffins in our ways and all the shops but in 1910 people used to make muffins and they used to deliver in every house.

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Well, phones have made it into new gadgets that we use in our day to day life but have you seen the time where the phones have been first time implemented to figure out how to use it in the car.

Car Model

1973, In New York the car show model has been shown presenting a Lada car and we feel that time was so beautiful as it seems.

Men And Their Clothes

They may look that they are big industrialist men but let me tell that they are just Cambridge students at that time and they had got style and class at that historic times, we just wish we could see that time.

This Model Showing Her Innocence

Well, laws were really weird on that time like this exotic dancer who has been told to demonstrate her point of view just by describing that her underwear was too large to expose herself in front of others after undercover police officers took her in Florida.